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School of Rock star who tragically died helped come up with film’s ending

School of Rock star who tragically died helped come up with film’s ending

Kevin Clark died in 2021 at the age of 32

The School of Rock star who tragically died in a car accident was said to have helped come up with film’s ending.

The hit 2003 film follows overly enthusiastic guitarist Dewey Finn (Jack Black) who gets thrown out of his band and is, all of a sudden, in desperate need of work.

After using his friend's identity as a substitute music teacher at a private school, he teaches his students how to rock.

The pretend-teacher forms a band with his class of students and trains them up to perform at the Battle of the Bands competition.

Child actor Kevin Clark was best known for his role as band member Freddy, an epic drum player.

Kevin Clark played Freddy in School of Rock.
Donald Weber/Getty Images

Sadly in 2021, Clark was fatally hit by a car while on his bike and died aged 32.

He was struck by a driver on 26 May, 2021, while cycling in Avondale, Chicago.

His band, Dreadwolf, shared a tribute from another group called Blind Adam and the Federal League, who wrote: "The Chicago music scene lost a wonderful, big hearted dude today.

"There is so much to say and I don't even know where to begin but we are better for having known @kev_beats. I'm glad we got to play one last show with you before the pandemic, we love you very much!

"Condolences to our Chicago punk rock brothers @dreadwolfband. May the memory of Kevin Clark live on forever!"

Clark's talent wasn't limited to just acting as his School of Rock co-star Rivkah Reyes (who played bass guitarist Katie) even credits him for coming up with the ending.

In 2021, Clark passed away at the age of 32.

In a TikTok video in 2021, they explained: “At one of our earlier table reads, the ending wasn’t landing. We tried one version of it where we win, we tried another version of it where we lose and that’s it, and it just wasn’t hitting.

“And the team was like ‘What do we do about this ending?’ and Kevin is just like, ‘It would be cool if we lost and then the audience started cheering School of Rock! School of Rock! And then they bring us out for an encore.

"So this guy at 13 years old wrote the ending of School of Rock.”

At the time of Clark’s death, his co-star Jack Black was one of the first to pay tribute, writing: “Devastating news. Kevin is gone.

"Way too soon. Beautiful soul. So many great memories. Heartbroken. Sending love to his family and the whole School of Rock community.”

His mum, Allison Clark, said: “He loved music. He’s just a raw talent. He’s got a heart of gold.”

Featured Image Credit: Paramount/Donald Weber/Getty Images

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