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​Seth Rogen Made Every Single Cross Joint In Pineapple Express

​Seth Rogen Made Every Single Cross Joint In Pineapple Express

Rogen appeared in an episode of new Netflix series called Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, where he also revealed Snoop Dogg's his biggest fan

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

As one of the men behind stoner comedy Pineapple Express, it's fair to assume Seth Rogen knows a thing or two about weed.

Hell, earlier this year, he and sidekick Evan Goldberg even launched Houseplant, their very own recreational cannabis company designed to 'make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis', according to the press release.

But it turns out the man has even more love for marijuana than we realised - and has the rolling tekkers to prove it.

Rogen appeared in an episode of new Netflix series called Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, where he took host David Chang (he of Momofuku and Ugly Delicious fame, among other things) on a culinary tour of Rogen's hometown, Vancouver.

Seth Rogen with David Chang in Vancouver.

Spurred on by their own munchies, the two smoked, ate and chatted their way around the city - where recreational cannabis use is legal, we should probably add - and reminisced about Rogen's past.

Sharing tales over a blunt, Rogen began to brag about his joint-rolling prowess - and rightly so, it seems, as he's had strong praise from the big dog himself. Well, the big Dogg.

"I don't like to share compliments I've been given, but Snoop Dogg told me I was the best joint roller he's ever met in his entire life," Rogen told Chang as they took in the view from Queen Elizabeth Park.

"Because I can roll cross joints - the cross joints in Pineapple Express, I actually rolled those. And they're really hard to roll."

Sony Pictures

He continued: "I actually had a book when we were kids that was, like, 100 Creative Ways To Smoke Joints, and the cross joint was in it.

"I released a video once on how to do it. It's kind of like an inelegant way to smoke weed, but at a party it's a showstopper."

Rogen added: "I only trust myself."

Elsewhere in the show, the two also chow down on some great doughnuts, eat barbecue pork at a unsuspecting Chinese joint below a shopping centre, head to the aquarium to meet an octopus called Ceph Rogen, and get seriously lost in a maze - and, what's even funnier, they find the whole thing absolutely hilarious.

Rogen and Chang got lost in a maze.

Elsewhere in the series, Chang also teams up with Chrissy Teigen for a jaunt around Marrakesh and comedian Kate McKinnon to check out Phnom Penh in Cambodia, along with a trip to Los Angeles with actor and writer Lena Waithe.

In a statement about the project, Chang said he felt there was something about travelling with someone that 'opens you up'.

He said: "Being away from all the craziness of daily life, you spend long days together in an unfamiliar place with nothing to do but wander the street, share meals, and talk.

"That's what BLD is all about - learning more about ourselves, our friends, and the people we encounter out in the world. Plus, of course, the ridiculously delicious meals we share."

Watch Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

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