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Spider-Man fans in stitches after spotting how extra in background 'earned her pay cheque'

Spider-Man fans in stitches after spotting how extra in background 'earned her pay cheque'

She was definitely giving her performance 110 percent

Fans of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies are still finding things to be delighted with, years after they released them.

This time, it's the spectacular performance given by an extra as she puts everything into cheering Spidey on at a ceremony.

Watch the video, and especially the lady in a brown suit on the stage:

While the extras play a huge role in movies, and especially in Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, someone spotting that one person was really going for it has sparked off a new appreciation for them.

This moment does come in Spider-Man 3, which is certainly the black sheep of the Raimi movies, during a scene which spawned a pretty popular meme.

All three movies are a veritable font of memes, but this scene is the one where Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) looks down at cheering New Yorkers and says 'they love me'.

Keep an eye on the lady in brown, she's the important one here.

Anyhow, Spidey is getting rewarded for saving the city so many times and Gwen Stacey (Bryce Dallas Howard) gives a speech about how awesome Spider-Man is.

He's then spotted atop a nearby building ready to swing down and receive the love from the cheering crowd.

New Yorkers are clearly happy to see Spidey, but nobody's quite as ecstatic as a woman in a brown suit on stage.

Fans of the movies have spotted that she celebrates the superhero's arrival with a little more gusto than everyone else.

She does an 'oh my god' motion before getting up, pointing into the sky and then grabbing her head as she sways from side to side.

If there was a competition for 'most excited to see Spider-Man', then she'd be walking away with a gold medal, but fans of the films have at last spotted her.

Be fair, you'd act like this if you saw Spider-Man too.

Some viewers have slated the performance as being 'bad acting', put plenty have stepped in to say she understood what she was doing perfectly.

One person said her over the top reaction was just 'properly understanding the assignment of being a background extra in a Sam Raimi film'.

Someone else said the Raimi Spider-Man movies were 'pure camp' and this was just a perfect example of that.

A third chipped in to say that if they were an extra who had to stand in the background of a movie scene for seven hours 'imma act a fool too'.

This is just what you should expect from Raimi's films, the New Yorkers in his Spider-Man trilogy have always been a bit extra, but it works because that's what the movie is like.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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