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The Shining Twins quit acting soon after the film and now lead very different lives

The Shining Twins quit acting soon after the film and now lead very different lives

The iconic Grady twins are now almost unrecognisable

"Come play with us Danny" is one of those movie lines that has been etched into people's brain.

Louise and Lisa Burns, better known as the iconic Grady Twins from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film, The Shining, were just 12-years-old when they were cast as the extremely creepy duo who haunted the corridors of the Overlook Hotel.

Based on Stephen King's 1977 novel of the same title, the twins starred alongside Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall in the flick which went on to be hailed as one of the most influential horrors of all time.

Not bad for one of your first acting gigs - ey?

In case you've somehow not seen it, the film's premise follows Danny and his parents Jack (Nicholson) and Wendy (Duvall) after Jack is hired as the caretaker of a hotel with an eerily violent past and haunted by ghosts.

Living in isolation, he soon begins to unravel and goes on to totally lose his sanity as he begins to attack his own family members.

Kubrick made the film for $19 million, and its worldwide box office ended up racking up to a staggering $47 million.

Since then, more than four decades now, the two former child stars, now 37, are almost totally unrecognisable.

The Grady twins have become horror icons in their own right.
Warner Bros.

Known for their shoulder-length matching haircuts, long white socks, frilly blue dresses and a pair of harrowing smirks to match - the two have since gone down in cinematic history for one of the best-known horror duos ever.

"We’re naturally spooky," they explained to Cosmopolitan back in 2019.

"But we did practice our timing – saying things in unison – and we worked on saying our lines in a hollow, other-worldly kind of way a number of times."

While the Burns twins clearly brought the horror to life, they revealed that they weren't actually creeped out on set despite the harrowing backdrop.

Louise and Lisa Burns went down totally different paths after filming The Shining.

"We saw people in scary makeup, but it always felt more like we were at an elaborate fancy dress party," the two said. "It just wasn't that freaky."

With that said, however, they did have to be 'escorted' around all the time.

They said: “Our parents were never worried or thought that we should stop shooting the film. They were and are very supportive of us."

Since the monumental success of the film, the pair hung up their acting boots and went in two totally different directions.

Lisa went on to study literature at university and become a lawyer while Louise became a microbiologist.

Featured Image Credit: X/Shining_Twins / Warner Bros.

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