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Fans of James Cameron's iconic movie Titanic have been left heartbroken all over again after coming across a deleted scene that's been shared online.

In the 3 hours and 14 minutes of footage which made it into the final cut of the film, Titanic packs in plenty of heartbreaking moments.

There's the elderly couple on the bed, curling up as they accept their fate; the moment the string quartet decide to soundtrack the ship sinking; basically every single second involving Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet), and of course the tear-inducing ending.

The deleted scene takes place after the sinking.
20th Century Studios

As it turns out, though, Cameron had even more heartbreaking scenes that never made it to the big screen.

One such scene takes place as surviving Titanic passengers are rescued from their lifeboats on the freezing Atlantic ocean by the Carpathia; a ship which navigated around the treacherous ice fields to try and save as many people as possible.

We see Rose being helped aboard the ship after losing Jack to the icy sea, as well as the guilty-looking face of Joseph Bruce Ismay (Jonathan Hyde), the moustached man who discreetly found himself a place on a life boat, as he's glared at by other passengers.

Alongside those two more familiar characters, we also see numerous heartbroken and shell-shocked family members, clearly pleading with other people on board for information about their loved ones.

The scene shows the surviving passengers' heartbreak.
20th Century Studios

The scene follows Rose as she makes her way through the crowd, her face still blue from the cold as people pile blankets on top of her and hand her a warm drink, which she clearly doesn't notice as she focuses on the tragedy that's just unfolded.

Even though it never made it into the final cut, watching the scene by itself has been enough to leave fans overwhelmed with emotion.

One commented: "This is a powerful scene. 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class passengers were mixed up and no one cared about their classes anymore. The human fragility in these scene is overwhelming. The trauma and anguish they endured few hours ago can be traced on their eyes."

Another wrote: "The shot of the two little girls with their mother just broke me. 'There's going to be a boat for the daddies...' There were no more boats."

Though Titanic is already a lengthy movie, fans have made clear that they'd be happy to watch a version which includes all of the deleted scenes.

"I'd watch it even if it's 5 hours long," one fan wrote, adding: "All of them are so good."

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

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