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Titanic is a timeless piece of cinema, however, some fans were surprised to discover that the film's ending could have been a lot different.

Everyone will remember the moment when it is revealed that Rose actually had the Heart of the Ocean the whole time.

She then drops it into the sea above the wreck of the Titanic before either sleeping or dying in her bed - the jury's still out on that one - before being reunited with those who died in the disaster and, of course, Jack.

However, it looks like James Cameron initially had a different ending in mind - and fans are glad that he stuck with the original.

People were amused by the alternate ending.
Paramount Pictures/20th Century Fox

In the alternative ending, which is doing the rounds on Twitter, Rose is approaching the edge of the ship when her granddaughter Lizzy and Brock Lovett come rushing over, fearing that she may jump overboard.

Rose warns the pair not to come any closer, threatening to throw the necklace overboard if they come any closer.

Brock then begs the elderly woman not to throw the priceless piece of jewellery in the water and she lets him hold the jewel.

Rose tells him: "You look for treasure in the wrong places, Mr Lovett. Only life is priceless and making each day count."

She then takes the necklace back and throws it overboard, while making a strange 'ohh' sound.

After seeing her discard the jewellery, Brock's partner Lewis Bodine runs over and shouts: "That really sucks, lady!"

The scene ends as Brock looks up to the sky, laughing hysterically before inviting Rose's granddaughter to dance.

After seeing people's reactions on Twitter, no doubt Cameron will be pleased he went with the original ending as some fans claimed that the alternative would've 'ruined' the entire film.

"The alternate ending to Titanic is hilarious. This would have absolutely ruined the film for me," one fan wrote.

Another added: "Damn I was really hoping he was gonna grab the necklace and shove her off. I don’t even remember what the real ending was." while someone else commented: "awful lmao"

A third said: "This cannot be real."

The scene didn't make the cut.
Paramount Pictures/20th Century Fox

A fourth said: "Yeah that's deeply dumb..."

And a final said: "Omg this is terrible.."

Besides the cheesy dialogue, one of the main reasons that people didn't seem to like the alternative ending is because it spells out the purpose of the movie word for word rather than subtly implying it and letting viewers work it out for themselves.

As one person aptly said: "damn this should really be they [sic] example they give you in film class for 'show don't tell'."

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/20th Century Fox

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