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Jordan Belfort's ex-wife confirms X-rated scene in Wolf of Wall Street actually happened

Jordan Belfort's ex-wife confirms X-rated scene in Wolf of Wall Street actually happened

Nadine Macaluso confirmed in a TikTok last year that a particular X-rated scene in Wolf of Wall Street actually happened

Jordan Belfort's ex-wife has confirmed that an X-rated scene in The Wolf of Wall Street actually happened and was in fact a 'terrifying' experience.

The much-loved Martin Scorsese movie was released back in 2013 and is based on the story of controversial stockbroker Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The three-hour film is chock-a-block with memorably wild scenes - pen-selling, dwarf-throwing and Margot Robbie teasing all spring to mind.

However, as with any film based on a true story, they can often be changed up for entertainment purposes.

A lot of scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street are too wild to believe, but Belfort's ex-wife Nadine Macaluso has confirmed one X-rated scene actually happened.

Nadine - the basis of the character Naomi Lapaglia, played by Robbie - recalled meeting Belfort for the first time at one of his house parties, and she said the portrayal of the introduction in the movie is quite accurate.

In a video shared on TikTok last September, she said: "So you guys have been asking how did I meet Jordan, the Wolf of Wall Street.

Nadine said the portrayal of their first meet was accurate.
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"Well, it's actually pretty similar to the movie. I was, I guess, 22 years old and modelling and my boyfriend at the time, said, 'You want to go to this party in Westhampton in this house on the beach?', and I was like, 'Sure.'

"And so we pulled up, and I remember walking into the house, and there were all these people acting really weird. Little did I know that they were all Quaaluded out, I had no idea."

You'll recall in the film that Belfort and his cronies are popping pills like it's going out of fashion at the party, when Robbie's character first makes an appearance.

Belfort then goes to chat her up, but his efforts are overshadowed when Jonah Hill's character starts tugging himself off in sight of everyone at the party.

Apparently, this wasn't a sensationalisation, though Nadine's fear was downplayed in the film.

Nadine was not exactly pleased with the incident.
Paramount Pictures

She said: "They're with their wives and they were like, just making lewd and weird comments.

"And that scene where someone actually exposes himself to me was true. And I actually got terrified by that.

"I'm 22. And I said to my boyfriend at the time, 'We have to leave this party,' and we left right away."

As for how accurate the film was as a whole, she said: "I think that if you look at it through Jordan's lens it was really accurate.

"I think that if you look at it through my lens it wasn't, and that makes sense because that was actually how our marriage was."

Featured Image Credit: @drnaelmft/Tiktok/Photo 12/Alamy Stock Photo

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