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Adam Sandler’s new film that includes his family has become the highest rated film of his career

Adam Sandler’s new film that includes his family has become the highest rated film of his career

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah stars Sandler's wife and two daughters and people are raving about it.

Adam Sandler has done it again.

The Hollywood funnyman has been in show business for decades and is responsible for some of the most iconic comedies of all time.

And it looks like he has another title to add to his already glittering cabinet.

Not only that, his latest film appears to be Sandler's magnum opus.

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah was released last week on Netflix and it has attracted the best reviews of Sandler's career.

The movie focuses on Stacy and Lydia who are best friends and have 'always dreamed about having epic bat mitzvahs'. The film's synopsis says: "However, things start to go comically awry when a popular boy and middle school drama threatens their friendship and their rite of passage."


What's even more awesome about the film is that it features Sandler's real-life wife and children.

Stacy Friedman is played by Sunny Sandler and Ronnie Friedman is portrayed by Sadie Sandler.

His partner Jacki Sandler also plays the role of Gabi Rodriguez Katz.

Critics have been absolutely loving it and it's become his biggest hit, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

While the audience score sits at a measly 67 percent, the Tomatometer score is a whopping 96 percent.

Some people might be yelling nepo baby alert, but it seems having Sandler's family in key roles has actually played out very well with some viewers.


Critic Jeff York wrote: "In both Sunny Sandler and Samantha Lorraine, the production has two very accomplished young actresses holding center stage. They deliver the zippy zingers, excel at the physical comedy, and play the pathos for all its worth."

Rolling Stone's Chris Vognar added: "Cry nepotism all you want, but the entire brood acquits itself quite well, and they seem to be having an infectiously good time together. It helps a great deal that the film is energetically directed and written."

While Chris Joyce said: "You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah is a great choice for a family movie night. The storytelling is a little choppy, but the story is cohesive, leading to an obvious and predictable resolution that is still wholly satisfying."

See it for yourself and judge whether it stacks up against the likes of Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, The Longest Yard or Big Daddy.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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