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First Dates Star Merlin Griffiths Updates Fans After Bowel Cancer Surgery

First Dates Star Merlin Griffiths Updates Fans After Bowel Cancer Surgery

First Dates barman Merlin Griffiths updated his supporters and praised the NHS staff for 'saving his life'

Merlin Griffiths, the barman from First Dates, has thanked the NHS for saving his life after he had surgery to remove a tumour.

The popular figure on the Channel 4 dating show announced last year that he’d been diagnosed with bowel cancer, leading to an outpouring of support.

Ever since, he’s kept the public up to date with how everything has been going, sharing his journey right up until and after the surgery that he underwent yesterday.

Just a short while after he went under the knife, the 46-year-old TV personality shared another update thanking the NHS medical staff for helping him to get through it.

Griffiths tweeted: "Thank you #NHS for literally saving my life.”

Alongside the update on his condition, Griffiths also shared a picture of himself sitting in a hospital bed and a picture of a surgical theatre.

Earlier on, he’d taken to Instagram to share the same picture of himself in his hospital bed, writing: “2am. Tubes outta everywhere. Aches and pains. But no tumour!”

In each and every post, Merlin has been trying to boost awareness of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, which is taking place this April.

Before the surgery, Merlin had written: “Ready as I’ll ever be. Tumour removal time.”

Thankfully, it sounds like the surgery went well.

Merlin’s supporters have rushed to offer him support and well wishes, with one person writing: “Best of Luck Merlin.

“Sat here in today’s sunshine wishing for positives to come from today.

“You are such a kind, soothing, gentle and calming soul. We need you and your vibes to continue.

“So much love.”

Another said: “Amazing Merlin, absolute champ! Take it easy, recovery always takes longer than expected but what a relief!”

A third wrote: “Sending positive thoughts to you Merlin, can you set up a crowdfund as I’m sure many people would like to support to get you up on your feet, including myself. All the best m8.”

It’s not a page that Merlin himself has set up, but if you did want to drop some money to support those who are suffering with bowel cancer, you can donate to Bowel Cancer UK at this website right here.

Merlin Griffiths shared an update before his surgery.

After receiving his diagnosis, Merlin told of how he intends to keep a ‘positive outlook’ on things, whilst admitting to having a ‘morbid sense of humour’.

He also told of how he explained the situation to his daughter Alix, who was just seven at the time.

Merlin explained how he told her that whilst his illness is ‘very serious’ it ‘should be OK’.

He said: “She understands that people can die but I told her cancer comes in different varieties and in different ways too – and that many people come through it.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Channel 4

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