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Steve-O Pours Hot Sauce In His Eye - Again

Steve-O Pours Hot Sauce In His Eye - Again

No one asked him to do this

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Steve-O has gone and poured hot sauce directly into his eye - again. Watch here:

Appearing on Hot Ones - in which celebrity guests talk about themselves while eating increasingly hot chicken wings - the Jackass star predictably took things to another level.

As a man who has subjected himself to brutal challenges for a living, a bit of spicy food was never going to be much of a challenge. So rather than delicately dripping a smidgeon of extremely spicy sauce on his wings, the 46-year-old went and rammed a whole bottle in his mouth and, well, drained it.

YouTube/First We Feast

As if this wasn't enough, he then went and splashed the last dregs right into one of his precious eyeballs.

A fair bit of screaming then followed, though he somehow managed to fit a celebratory whoop in there, in among the cries of anguish.

He then tossed some milk in there too, in a bid to diminish the presumably excruciating pain.

Bit late for that.
YouTube/First We Feast

It goes without saying that you shouldn't do this, but clearly someone does need to tell Steve-O.

Just last year, he pulled the same stunt in a video on Gordon Ramsay's YouTube channel.

Before pouring his own brand of hot sauce in his eye, he said: "I'm gonna give a little bit of an eye drop here, get our meal started properly."

Gordon took the opportunity to have a taster of what Steve-O was about to put directly into his eye and amid a little cough, he said: "It's hot... it is good."

What came next was a clusterf*** of swearing, screaming, grunting and some strange form of karate. Ever the promoter, Steve-O went on: "You can get that stuff at and also available, oooooowah, at"

Well, given the name, I think we can all be grateful that he is promoting the hot sauce by pouring it into his eyes.

The fact he's still doing this s*** is all the more remarkable, given that he recently celebrated 13 years of sobriety.

Think I'd want a hell of a lot of booze before attempting any of the stunts he pulls. Fair play to him though for managing to knock it on the head.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/First We Feast

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