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Sidemen banned from own restaurant after planning to give away £50k to fans

Sidemen banned from own restaurant after planning to give away £50k to fans

The official Sidemen social media account issued the update to devastated fans.

YouTube stars The Sidemen are due to launch their first Sides restaurant outside of London this weekend, but the founders themselves won’t be in attendance.

On Saturday, the West Midlands branch of The Sidemen’s fried chicken shop is due to open in Merry Hill at 6pm.

It was expected that all seven members of the group - including KSI and Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter - would be at the eatery’s grand opening.

However, it seems like that is no longer the case.

On Thursday, (16 November,) the official social media account for Sides issued an update regarding the forthcoming opening.

An official statement read: “All opening plans for Sides’ first shopping centre restaurant (in Merry Hill), have been cancelled with immediate effect.

“The local authorities have forecast that an additional 10,000 people were planning to attend the opening of Sides, Merry Hill.”

The statement continued to say that concerns regarding the surrounding area had been raised, with authorities believing that the environment would be unable to cope with a dramatic increase in footfall.

The Sidemen are still due to make an appearance at Sides Dalston.

The Sides official X account wrote: “Under the threat of legal action being taken against Sides (and the individuals involved) if opening plans are not cancelled, we are honouring the local authority’s direct request.

“The Sidemen were scheduled to attend the opening day in the West Midlands and surprise their fans at the opening.

“They were very excited to do so and disappointed that they now cannot.”

Despite the Sidemen cancelling their appearance at their new fried chicken restaurant, the venue will still be open to customers from 11am on Saturday, 18 November.

Following the announcement, social media users have taken to the post to give their two cents.

A representative from the eatery broke the news on Thursday.

One said: “I mean that is how you start a mob. It was never a good plan.

A second wrote: “I have to laugh (sic) what do you mean you’re banning the owners,” followed by three crying emojis.

“It's justified but soo funny lol,” replied another.

A fourth commented: “Banning the owners of the restaurant is crazy.”

Following the statement, KSI - real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji - has taken to his own X account to give his opinion on the situation.

The YouTubers' will be giving away money at the launch of their Dalston site.
The Sidemen/YouTube

Retweeting a post from Sidemen Updates, which announced they were banned from the restaurant, he wrote to his nine million followers that this was ‘Sad times…’

Despite the YouTubers now being absent from the Merry Hill opening, it has been confirmed that the group will still be attending the launch of Sides Dalston at 11am on Saturday.

The 30-year-old confirmed the appearance by writing: “Sides opening at Dalston this Saturday 11am.

“Meet and greet with all 7 Sidemen. Let’s goooo. 5 Random people that meet me will get 10 grand each.”

You’ve got to be in it to win it right? We’ll see you in Dalston.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Sidemen/ X/@KSI

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