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Footage Of Aitch Rapping Before He Was Famous Is Blowing People’s Minds

Footage Of Aitch Rapping Before He Was Famous Is Blowing People’s Minds

"So much better like this"

A throwback clip of Aitch rapping before he was famous is doing the rounds online and is subsequently blowing people's minds. See for yourself:

The Mancunian rapper - real name Harrison James Armstrong - has made a big name for himself in the UK music scene, especially since his August 2019 track Taste (Make It Shake) hit the second spot in the charts.

Even before then, he grabbed the attention of Stormzy with his solo breakthrough single 'Straight Rhymez', and he's gone on to collaborate with artists like Ashanti and DBE.

It'll come at no surprise then that Aitch's rapping skills were solid from the start, as demonstrated in footage shared by TikTok page OneEyeOpenTv which states: "Aitch before he blew up on a grime beat."

Alongside amassing nearly 100k views, dozens of viewers took to the comments section, with many saying it's better than his new music.

"So much better like this," wrote one, while another said, "This is way better than his current."

A third chimed in: "u can hear the hunger the raw flow aitch changed way too quick after he cut his hair."

Fans were quick to comment on the throwback clip.

Others simply praised his talent, including this person who commented: "Remember when people was saying he was an industry plant. My guys been silly good with it since young, I think he was better back then even."

And then there were those who were on hand to joke about his resemblance to a certain Walford resident, with this TikToker writing: "Jay out of Eastenders got bars."

Just like anyone who's thrusted into the spotlight, numerous moments from Aitch's history have resurfaced online to be examined on social media.

While in this case it's worked in his favour, the same can't be said for the time the internet detectives dug up his childhood Twitter account.

The rapper was only a wee boy at the time, but his old page still sat there to remind everyone that before his rise to the top, he was just a kid who felt everyone wanted to know stuff like, say, what he had for dinner or how much he hated school.

Aitch was just like everyone else growing up.

The account, which has since been removed for obvious reasons, included such classics as 'Someone needs to have a party!!' and 'Form [his school class, we assume] is so s***'.

Hey, it could happen to any of us - it's the price you pay for fame and fortune.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@oneeyeopentv

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