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PlayStation 4 Users Are Having Their Consoles Destroyed By Rival Gamers Exploiting Hack

PlayStation 4 Users Are Having Their Consoles Destroyed By Rival Gamers Exploiting Hack

Gamers on Reddit have reported that upon receiving the message their consoles required a factory reset to become fully functional again

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

PlayStation gamers are having their consoles practically destroyed by rival players that have been exploiting a private messaging hack. Oh how your blood would boil.

Gamers on Reddit have fumed about how they've received a message resulting in their consoles requiring a factory reset before becoming fully functional again.

The hack is being used as a tactic during high-stake matches by rival gamers, according to The Sun.

Because no one wants to win fairly these days...


Flagging the issue, one gamer wrote: "There is a new glitch that basically bricks your console and forces you to factory reset it.

"Even deleting the message from the mobile app doesn't work. It happened to me during Rainbow Six: Siege.

"A player from the other team used a dummy account to send the message and crashed my entire team. We all have had to factory reset.

"Only one of our guys wasn't affected and he has his messages private. Do this ASAP to prevent this from happening to you."


As you probably know already, just like a phone, the factory reset doesn't break the console for good but it does leave all the user data erased. This means that countless hours spent on games is lost.

Adding an update to the post, the gamer said: "The two players who used this exploit initially are now almost diamonds on Rainbow Six from using this exploit. It amazes me that they haven't been banned yet."

One person responded: "Sony had better ban every console/user that sends this message."

With another adding: "This just happened to me during Rocket League. Got a message then after a minute my controller stopped working and everything went silent. Now I can't access the home menu. It just goes to the 'Report Problem' screen every time."

A third said: "For these kinds of exploits you typically have to display the message in some way for the issues to appear. Similar stuff has crashed phones before. The notification can be enough depending on how much of the message it parses."

And Good Samaritans have responded advising users what to do to make their messages private:

Go to Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings > Enter your password > Personal Info > Messaging, and set messages to either Friends (if you trust them) or No One.

Thank us later.

Featured Image Credit: PlayStation

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