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​New Study Finds Xbox Players More ‘Toxic’ Than PlayStation Users

​New Study Finds Xbox Players More ‘Toxic’ Than PlayStation Users

The study looked into the habits of some 964 gamers, concluding that Xbox users were the most raging bunch out there

A new study has found that Xbox players are the 'most toxic' gamers out there, beating PlayStation users in 'physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger and hostility'.

The research was conducted by, which worked with professional psychologists to administer what's known as the Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire to almost 1,000 gamers.

The study looked into the habits of some 964 people, exploring which games and consoles appeared to be linked with the angriest behaviour.

"For those who have lived through Xbox 360 MW2 multiplayer lobbies or have ever played an online game of FIFA know that video games have a great ability to send your aggression levels through the roof," said.

"With so much pride at stake, failures to complete levels and win online matches can send you over the edge. But have you ever wondered which games make you the angriest?"

The data found that Xbox users were the most raging bunch out there, having scored 0.541 for physical aggression and 0.634 for verbal aggression, along with 0.526 for anger and 0.624 for hostility.

PlayStation users, meanwhile, scored 0.529, 0.606, 0.523 and 0.598 in the respective fields, followed by Nintendo gamers with 0.452, 0.567, 0.460 and 0.548.

The study also looked at desktop and mobile players, who scored similarly to Nintendo users.

"Its official, Xbox players are the most toxic gamers, having the highest levels of physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger and hostility," said.

"Anyone else getting Xbox 360 MW2 lobby flashbacks?"

As for individual games, the research also found that Battlefield and Call of Duty players were the angriest gamers 'by some margin', coming first and second for the categories of physical aggression, verbal aggression and anger.


Battlefield players were top for each category apart from hostility, where they dropped to 6th place, while the top spot was taken by Minecraft players.

Male gamers were found to be on average 13 percent more aggressive than female gamers, with the biggest area of difference being in the physical aggression category, in which the data showed 19.37 percent higher levels of aggression.

However, one of the most surprising features of the results was that Nintendo's brightly-coloured, family-friendly simulation game Animal Crossing found itself in the top five for physical aggression - and somehow even managed to beat Grant Theft Auto.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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