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Gamer sets Guitar Hero world record after 533 attempts at song on 300% speed

Gamer sets Guitar Hero world record after 533 attempts at song on 300% speed

Twitch streamer, CarnyJared, says he now holds 'every major Guitar Hero 2 world record' after completing 'Free Bird'.

A Twitch streamer by the name of CarnyJared has set a new world record after successfully completing the song 'Free Bird' on 300 per cent speed on Guitar Hero 2.

Prior to Jared’s attempt, the world record for completing the song perfectly with full combo sat at 235 per cent speed.

Jared completed the song perfectly at three times the normal speed with a full combo, which completely trumped the previous world record.

“It took 533 FC runs to the solo and countless hours of frustration,” CarnyJared said. “But finally the Free Bird world record is absolutely annihilated.”

The Twitch streamer was live streaming his run to a group of more than 4,000 loyal followers when he broke the record.

“Finally,” he yelled after his score popped up. “Let’s f**king go, baby!”

Before his recording-breaking attempt, the nerves were beginning to kick for Jared.

“If I put on a heart rate monitor, you guys would probably be genuinely concerned for my health,” he told viewers.

In his 532 previous attempts to break the record, Jared came close many times, telling fans: “It’s fine guys, as long as I’m getting there, it’s okay guys.

“Here’s the thing, if I just keep getting there, it doesn’t really matter what my consistency is, some runs are just going to get past it.”

And it seems the persistence has paid off.

His loyal fans, many of whom had been watching Jared’s attempts over the past months, were quick to congratulate him on his achievement.

“You deserved this one! The grind paid off,” commented one viewer.

Another added: “Glad I was there to witness this absolute greatness and come back. Welcome back man, well deserved.”

A third said: “I’ve watched hours of you attempting this live and I’m so happy that your hard work was finally rewarded."

While Jared seems ecstatic about his achievement, he’s revealed that not stopping at Guitar Hero 2.

“Time to beat 'Through the Fire and Flames' FC record and take Guitar Hero 3," he said. “Thank you so much for the support,” he told fans, “I love you all.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/CarnyJared

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