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Singer Raye breaks down in tears on stage at Brits after breaking record

Singer Raye breaks down in tears on stage at Brits after breaking record

She's broken records at tonight's Brit Awards

There were tears on stage at the Brits as singer Raye broke the record for the most awards won in a single year by an artist.

Oh yes, and then a few minutes later she broke her own record again in fine style.

Before tonight no artist had won five Brit Awards in a year before but Raye managed it this evening and then went on to win a sixth.

The singer was full of praise for the people who'd helped her and believed in her all the way, as she went on stage with her beloved grandmother.

During one speech she said she was 'shaking' and then went on to say: "I don’t really know what to say, thank you to my team, I’ve always wanted to say thank you to my team."

Raye has really won tonight's Brit Awards.

Raye also said 'no-one would take me' before her distributors agreed to support her and 'was told a lie that R&B didn’t sell in the UK'.

When she got onto the stage with her grandmother Raye couldn't stop the tears from flowing as the enormity of her incredible achievement became clear.

Speaking on stage while with her grandma, she said: "You just don't understand what this means to me.

"My middle name is Agatha and this is Agatha Dawson.

"I'm so proud of this album. I'm in love with music. All I ever wanted to be is an artist and now I'm an artist with an album of the year!"

In other speeches Raye gave a shout-out to Brit School principal Stuart Worden and her massive haul of awards tonight, equal to the total number of Brits that David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Oasis won over their entire careers, is a testament to her talent.

Raye's Brit Awards 2024 wins

  • Album Of The Year - My 21st Century Blues
  • Artist Of The Year
  • Best New Artist
  • Best R&B Act
  • Song Of The year for Escapism featuring 070 Shake
  • Songwriter of the year – the first woman to get the prize in a pre-announced win
Featured Image Credit: HENRY NICHOLLS/AFP via Getty Images

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