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Casino expert tells people 'way to win money on roulette'

Casino expert tells people 'way to win money on roulette'

He said there's something you have to watch out for before you spin

A card counting expert and professional blackjack player has revealed what makes the odds at the roulette table stacked in the house's favour, and how to turn the tables.

Yuchun Lee is a businessman and casino expert who made it onto the card counting team at MIT so he knows a thing or two about how to beat the house when it comes to casinos.

Speaking to Wired, he answered the burning questions people had about casinos, how they operate and the best strategies to walk away as a winner.

Among his advice is that if you're not skilled at gambling games, then your best bet to make money is baccarat, and if you do know what you're doing then you should head for the blackjack tables.

Lee also said there was 'no question' that the worst game at a casino in terms of odds was the slot machines, as players might only get a fraction back of what they put in.

Yuchun Lee is a gambling expert who knows how people can have the edge over casinos.

He also tackled the idea that a casino might kick you out for winning too much, and according to the expert most of them won't as they're confident that they'll win back the money if you keep playing.

In the end the house always wins, or so the saying goes, and those glaringly bright monuments to gambling certainly weren't built on people walking out with more money than they started with.

As for those who'd prefer to take a spin on the roulette wheel, Lee answered a question from someone who was having no luck with it and wanted to know whether there was any sort of trick to winning.

Breaking down how the roulette game is stacked in favour of the casino, he showed a roulette wheel and pointed out that even if you bet red or black, the green sections of the wheel still tilt the odds against you.

The expert did have one very specific way to shift the odds back in your favour.

It's a tip the guy who bet his entire life savings on a roulette spin probably wished he knew.

The expert explained how roulette tables are always stacked in the house's favour.

"That happens when you step into a very old, not well maintained casino where the roulette wheel itself is not balanced," the expert explained of the way to win.

"When it's not balanced there are parts of the wheel that get less probable of a chance of the ball landing in the slots along that area.

"If you observe that over a long period of time you can actually beat the casino by just eliminating as little as two to three numbers."

That sounds like an incredibly specific way to tilt the odds back in your favour, but if you know an old casino where the roulette tables are wonky, then it might help you out.

Ultimately it seems as though you're best off never walking into a casino with more money than you're willing to lose, as while you can nudge the odds back in your favour there's not a game where you can guarantee yourself a win.

Otherwise everyone would be playing it.

Please gamble responsibly. For help, support and advice about problem gambling, contact the National Gambling Helpline anytime on 0808 8020 133

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Wired

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