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Miley Cyrus slips up big time when asking a fan if they have a pen

Miley Cyrus slips up big time when asking a fan if they have a pen

The Disney star admitted her mind was elsewhere while she was talking to the excited fan.

Although she's got plenty of experience on stage and public speaking, even Miley Cyrus isn't immune from suffering a slip of the tongue.

The Disney star has been in the industry for the majority of her life and was probably doing media training while her peers were still learning their ABC's - but the megastar is still human and sometimes misspeaks.

However, Miley has the added pressure of knowing a crowd of cameraphone clutching fans are on standby to catch it all on film - only for the footage to later go viral.

That celebrity lark might not be all it's cracked up to be.

A clip from a meet and greet back in May 2019 has recently resurfaced on social media showing the 'Flowers' singer, 31, fluffing up a sentence while speaking to an excited fan.

The lucky lady who rubbed shoulders with the one and only Hannah Montana was Rocket League streamer Georgina, better known on TikTok as @georgina_jgr.

Miley misspoke when she went to sign a fan's copy of The Last Song.

A pal recorded the moment she got her turn to say hi to the pop star and also captured a hilarious exchange between the pair as Miley admitted she had her mind on something else.

A grinning Georgina can be seen pulling out a copy of the Nicholas Sparks novel, The Last Song, and telling her idol that she 'has to sign this' for her.

If you weren't aware, Miley and her former husband Liam Hemsworth met while filming the movie adaptation of the book, leading to a decade-long relationship which sadly ended in divorce.

The fan added: "I had it in my bag because I was reading it again, this was when Miley and Liam was together though."

Miley ended up asking for a lighter instead of a pen.

As she grabbed the book to sign it, she realised she didn't have the tools to complete her mission and naturally asked Georgina: "Do you have a lighter on you?"

Even though she physically mimed scrawling her signature on the cover, the singer clearly had a bit of a disconnect between her brain and mouth.

The A-lister then laughed: "You know where my mind is...Can I have a Sharpie?"

Miley has been known to enjoy a bit of the green plant in her time if you know what I mean and even named her late pit bull mix Mary Jane, but she revealed she went 'sober, sober' back in 2020.

She told Variety at the time: "I did a lot of [research into my] family history, [and we have] a lot of addiction and mental health challenges.

"By going through that, asking 'Why am I the way that I am?', and understanding the past, [means] we understand the present and the future much more clearly."

Although she might have left that part of her life behind now, social media users were still amused by her slip of the tongue.

One said: "I simply love her," while another joked: "She is me."

A third wrote: "She even was like air writing but still said lighter."

A fourth added: "She was ready to spark up!'

And a fifth chimed in: "I would've said 'yes, of course', instinctively."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/georgina_jgr

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