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You could be owed up to £500 if you bought a PlayStation game between these exact dates

You could be owed up to £500 if you bought a PlayStation game between these exact dates

Millions of gamers will need to qualify before claiming hundreds

If you’ve spent some of your hard-earned cash on having a bit of PlayStation downtime then you could be in a chance of getting some money back.

Maybe you’ve bought the odd game here or there, or perhaps have a bit of a thing with buying every add-on you can get your hands on.

Either way, any gamer will know that those costs can rack up to quite the sum.

So, you might be pretty pleased to hear that you could be owed hundreds.

After Sony got hit with a class action lawsuit for ‘abuse of dominant position’, people who have bought PlayStation games or add-ons between specific dates can now join the lawsuit and claim back.

Consumer rights advocate Alex Neill filed the $7.9 billion (£5 billion) lawsuit against Sony, claiming the company has been ripping off PlayStation customers for years.

PlayStation You Owe Us was set up to provide information about the claim and explained: “In the UK, it is illegal for companies to abuse their dominant position. This includes directly or indirectly imposing unfair purchase or selling prices or other unfair trading conditions.

You'll need to have purchased within specific dates.
Guven Yilmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

“We believe that PlayStation occupies a dominant position in relation to the digital distribution of PlayStation games and in-game content and that it has been unfairly charging its UK customers too much for digital games and in-game content purchased through the PlayStation Store.”

So, because of all this legal action, you could be owed a whopping £500.

But you need to have bought digital games or add-ons via the PlayStation Store between specific dates over recent years.

You’ll need to have made the purchase, or purchases, between 19 August 2016 and 19 August 2022 in order to qualify for a claim.

Gamers could be owed hundreds.
Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

PlayStation customers could end up getting anything between £67 and £562 back, with interest - it all just depends how much you spend on goods during those dates in the first place.

To bag that cash you’re owed, you don’t even have to do much.

The class action case means that you’re automatically enrolled and can raise your ticket with PlayStation You Owe Us’ website.

It’s worth knowing though that the website does note it could take ‘years’ for anything to come of your claim if it’s successful. But getting cash back sounds good to us, whenever that might be.

The site also reckons Sony may end up paying between a huge five to six billion in damages if the court filing goes in the gamers’ favour. Ouch.

LADbible has previously contacted Sony for comment.

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