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Curry house which sells Smithy's exact order is going down a storm with customers

Curry house which sells Smithy's exact order is going down a storm with customers

Smithy - James Corden - from Gavin and Stacey has a very specific takeaway order, which this Welsh curry house has faithfully replicated

Fans of Gavin and Stacey are flocking to a take-away in Wales that sells a very specific order that fans of the show probably already have memorised off by heart. Just in case, here it is to jog your memory:

Got all that?

Anyway, Smithy – played by James Corden – has a very long and detailed Indian restaurant order, and given that the BBC show takes place at least partially in Wales, it’s only fitting that it’s a Welsh curry house that has decided to replicate the food list.

Meghna Balti Express on Four Elms Road in Cardiff has risen to the challenge, listing the whole thing as a set menu choice in homage to the show.

So, for just £36 you could get yourself…

Take a deep breath…

Smithy has his own views on sharing takeaway.

Chicken bhuna, lamb bhuna, prawn bhuna, mushroom rice, bag of chips, keema naan and nine poppadoms and saag aloo.

The order first came to everyone’s attention in the second episode of the third series, sparking – once again – the debate about whether people should make their own orders from the takeaway or share with others.

Smithy rages: "I can guarantee someone, probably Stacey, will have ordered a korma, am I wrong - Mick, am I wrong?

“And in my book a korma is pointless... It's futile. I won't touch it.

"But I can guarantee Pete's eyeing up my bhunas. Am I wrong?

“Pete, have you thought about my bhunas?”

Meghna Balti Express in Cardiff.
Google Maps

He continued: "They're my bhunas. If you want a bhuna, order a bhuna, that's why I've ordered two bhunas."

As it transpires – for those who haven’t seen the show but have somehow made it this far through an article about it – Smithy doesn’t share any of his scran and instead goes out to the car in order to eat his multiple bhunas.

Anyway, the takeaway’s decision to cash in on the idea has clearly been a success, as people have been raving about the food as well.

You can order the whole thing on JustEat.

On JustEat the restaurant has a five star rating from more than 600 reviews, offering delivery and collection, should you be in the area.

The menu made it as far as a Gavin and Stacey Facebook group, where the post has been liked 500 times, receiving 170 comments.

Most of those comments – as you can probably imagine – are quotes from the show, including: “This is my dish, I ordered it, I’m eating it.”

Honestly, that’s not a bad maxim to live your life by.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Google

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