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'Ghost' Spotted Walking Out Of Grave In James May's New Amazon Documentary

'Ghost' Spotted Walking Out Of Grave In James May's New Amazon Documentary

Viewers think they've spotted a ghost walking out of a grave in James May: Our Man In Italy.

Eagle-eyed viewers think they've spotted evidence that ghosts are real and walking among us, or at least in the background of James May's new Prime Video show. Take a look below:

Prime Video's new documentary, James May: Our Man In Italy, has more ammunition for people who believe in ghosts as phantom apparitions have appeared in the background of his show.

Standing in the destroyed ancient Roman city of Pompeii, which was wiped out in 79AD when nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted, May was explaining a few things in the doc when viewers spotted the 'ghost' on TV.

As May is talking about how they're standing in mass grave, a ghostly apparition can be seen walking across the background of the shot.

It's a faint and undefined figure but it definitely looks like a human striding across the background of the shot.

While it looks like a ghost, that is to say like a faint apparition of a human and not a person wearing a sheet over their head, not everyone is sure it's really a ghost they're looking at on their screens.

One person suggested what looks like a ghost is probably someone walking in the background of the shot that the production crew tried to edit out.

It's not even the only ghost viewers have seen in the show, as other viewers have spotted more 'ghosts' strolling around in the background of the Prime Video documentary series.

Meanwhile, Mr May himself has commented on the seeming fondness ghosts have for gatecrashing his new show.

Taking to Twitter to address the ghostly figures in his show, he said nobody saw the 'ghost' at the time of filming so it either must be a real phantom or more likely the result of a technical glitch in the footage, which somewhat rains on the paranormal parade.

Others reckon it's a bit of a clever ploy from the team behind James May: Our Man In Italy to create a bit of social media buzz over ghost sightings and get people to watch the show that way.

This is by no means the first ghost that has found itself caught on camera, as earlier this year a woman who set up a camera to catch paranormal prowlers spotted objects in her house seemingly throwing themselves to the ground.

In footage of the incident nothing seems to throw them down, so clearly it must be the hand of a ghost that likes spending the nights pushing books off of things.

Meanwhile, a couple who set up CCTV in their own home reckon they've managed to spot the ghost of a woman who previously died there.

Are ghosts real? We don't know as they're famously tight-lipped on the subject and only really like speaking at length in theatres where a spirit medium happens to be performing.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@deejaybrooksie

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