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Gillian McKeith’s Daughter Reacts To News Her Mum Might Join I’m A Celebrity Again

Gillian McKeith’s Daughter Reacts To News Her Mum Might Join I’m A Celebrity Again

McKeith was repeatedly voted to do Bushtucker Trials during her appearance on the show in 2010

Gillian McKeith's daughter Afton has revealed her confusion over learning her mum might return to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

I'm sure most I'm A Celeb fans will remember McKeith's time on the ITV show in 2010, with her fear to take part in trials some of the most dramatic and memorable in the show's 21-year run.

Ant and Dec were forced to catch her when she fainted while taking part in a Bushtucker Trial, but her hesitation over the challenges only resulted in more public votes for her participation.

It's hard to imagine why McKeith would want to subject herself to more trials after her reactions the first time around, but the 62-year-old is said to be in advanced talks to take part in an All Stars series set to air next year.

Bosses are hopeful they will be able to choose some of the best contestants from the show's history to take part in the one-off special, which will be pre-recorded this summer rather than airing live. Instead of being based in the usual surroundings of the Australian bush or the more recent home of a castle in Wales, the series is said to be based in South Africa.

Gillian McKeith appeared on I'm A Celebrity in 2010.

A source with knowledge of the plans discussed McKeith's potential involvement with The Sun, explaining: "Gillian’s performance in 2010 was nothing short of legendary. She was high on the hit list when producers decided they were going to do the Best Of series next year."

Though details about the All Star show are obviously being kept quiet for the time being, McKeith apparently hasn't even shared the news of her potential involvement with Afton, prompting her daughter to take to social media to share her surprise.

In a post on Instagram, Afton shared an article reporting on the news and added the caption: "Literally found out with everyone else @gillianmckeith."

McKeith is said to be in talks to return to I'm A Celebrity for an All Star show.

A voiceover on the video saw Afton ask 'how could you do this to me?', though it's unclear whether her dismay comes over the news of her mum returning to the show to subject herself to more trials, or because she wasn't kept in the loop.

It's possible McKeith was waiting until her involvement was for certain before sharing the news with her family, as the source revealed she is 'all but confirmed now'.

"Talks are still ongoing and advanced, but everyone is confident she will put pen to paper and head to South Africa for filming in the next few months. It’ll be telly gold," they added.

Featured Image Credit: @aftonmckeith/Instagram/ITV

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