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Glass Onion made brutal joke at Lana Del Rey's expense with mesh face mask

Glass Onion made brutal joke at Lana Del Rey's expense with mesh face mask

Fans of Glass Onion, the new film from Rian Johnson in the Knives Out universe, have spotted a sneaky dig at Lana Del Rey

Fans of the sequel to Knives Out have noticed that there’s a little dig in there – allegedly - at music star Lana Del Rey. You can catch the trailer for the new movie below:

So, you might remember that Lana Del Rey came in for some flack during the Covid-19 pandemic – what a time to be alive, eh? – when she wore a face mask that was made out of mesh.

Obviously, face masks are meant to cover your face and stop all sorts of stuff getting into your mouth and nose – yes, cover the nose people – but Lana’s mask was not geared up for that.

Now, in Glass Onion, a new mystery film from Rian Johnson following on from Knives Out, Kate Hudson can be seen wearing a mask that is almost identical to Lana’s from about a year ago.

This hasn’t passed fans by, and many have chimed in to say how amusing they find it.

One simply said: “Not Kate Hudson in Glass Onion wearing that mesh Lana del Rey mask.”

Kate Hudson's character Birdie wearing the Lana Del Rey mask.

Another wrote: “No way glass onion made fun of Lana Del Rey’s mesh mask.”

A third commented: “The Lana Del Rey mesh mask reference in glass onion was HILARIOUS.”

As for the film itself, it features Daniel Craig returning to play crack detective Benoit Blanc, this time investigating the murder of the sister of a businesswoman on an island in Greece.

There’s an absolutely massive cast, with Craig and Hudson joined by stars such as Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, singer Janelle Monáe, and Kathryn Hahn.

The first flick won an Academy Award, and Johnson was praised for creating a vibrant and exciting world that lived up to the mystery.

Here's the mask that Lana wore.
Instagram/Lana Del Rey

Speaking about the new film and the pressures that come with it, Johnson told Collider: “I mean, I wrote the thing before we made the Netflix deal, so I didn't know who we were making it with when I wrote it, so that didn't come into play.

“But, yeah, I don't know. I think it was, to me, the fact that the mode of doing another one, as opposed to trying to build off of or top the first one, it was about looking back to how Agatha Christie did her novels, where each one was completely different, and it had its own reason for being.

“I think that let me just approach this one as its own movie with its own goals and its own everything.

“So, I think maybe that helped take some of the pressure off.

"But, yeah, I did definitely feel it a little bit [pressured].”

You can check Glass Onion out at the cinemas now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Lana Del Rey

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