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Glastonbury artist Billy Nomates flooded with support after asking BBC to delete footage

Glastonbury artist Billy Nomates flooded with support after asking BBC to delete footage

She asked the BBC to take down footage of her set after receiving abuse

Support has flooded in for Glastonbury performer Billy Nomates after she asked the BBC to remove footage of her performance at the festival following a torrent of abuse.

The 33-year-old - real name Tor Maries - performed on the Park Stage yesterday (23 June) afternoon, but became the target for horrendous abuse after her set went online.

While people's tastes in music may differ, there was really no legitimate reason for the abuse that was directed her way and the performer has indicated that she may no longer perform after this summer.

She wrote: "The level of personal abuse on @bbc6music socials for goin [sic] to work today is insane. I’ve asked for all footage to be removed. I know it’s not for everyone what I do.

"I know lots of people don’t rate me. But the level of personal abuse on that public page is too much. There will be no more shows after this summer."

"You wouldn’t stay in a workplace that did this to you. Why should I."

Billy Nomates performed at Glastonbury but asked the BBC to take the footage down after she received abuse.

While there has been awful abuse directed her way, plenty have stood up for the singer and sent her their support to let her know there's lots of people who love her.

Among the voices are a number of her fellow artists with Billy Bragg calling her 'brilliant' while Portishead star Geoff Barrow succinctly said 'f**k em' to those spewing abuse.

He also said that Tor was 'one of the most talented song writers and performers I’ve ever worked with'.

BBC 6 Music DJ, Mary Anne Hobbs, said she had '100 percent love for Billy Nomates' while Robin Ince said he hoped she'd seen all the love and support which had been sent her way since appearing at Glastonbury.

And it seems as though she has plenty of fans in her corner too, as there have been so many who've hit back at the haters and told her how brilliant they think she is.

She was cheered by the Glastonbury crowds when she was on stage.

A fan who has been to see her before said that she was 'one of my festival highlights', while another said they were 'gutted that some idiots have been abusing her'.

They called on the singer to 'please don't stop what you're doing', and a third fan who said they'd met Billy Nomates on tour added that she was 'such a great person'.

Another fan said it was 'not ok to attack someone for doing their job and earning a living' before pondering that age old question 'why are people such w**kers'.

Fans of the performer urged people to listen to her music as she was a 'phenomenal artist' and hoped she would see all their messages of love and solidarity.

BBC Radio 6 told LADbible: “We want 6 Music to be a place where brilliant artists such as Billy Nomates are celebrated and supported, and we have respected Tor’s request to have the clip posted on our social channels removed."

We've also attempted to contact representatives of Billy Nomates for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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