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Tripping over tent pegs, getting changed without standing up fully, the dreaded baby wipes and trying not to think about the ache in your back as you miss your bed – all just normal things when you’re camping at a festival.

Well, when you’re camping at a festival in your tent the proper way, that is. Things are a little bit different when you’re camping at a festival as a VIP...

The VIPs at Glastonbury Festival this year are having a way different experience without a single tent peg in sight.

In fact, some of the glamping accommodation over at Worthy Farm is so luxurious it’s literally being compared to having a ‘London apartment’.

He compared this place to a 'London apartment'.

Although this could also mean having a little box studio room where your toilet faces your bed and your bed faces the oven, in this context it means having a modern, extravagant camping experience.

A TikTok video from user @iambloodyforeigner showed off some of the VIP accommodation with the caption: “Proper job! Here is where VIP guests will stay at this week's #glastonburyfestival.”

Showing off the silver shiny static vans, the boss man says: “So this is proper job, this is American Airstream and this is where the VIPs are going to stay at Glastonbury.”

He gave a tour on TikTok.

Showing a shiny red leather-look sofa along one end, he says: “You can call it a London apartment on wheels.”

Inside, there’s a whole cooking area (despite there being catering available for these VIPs), two TVs, a fridge, a full-length mirror and importantly, proper beds. He even says he’ll be cooking for them all from his Airstream for the whole weekend in their little private section of the mega site.

The bloke calls it ‘absolutely insane’ as he shows off just how much space the VIPs get in these luxury ‘rooms’.

The Airstream even has a doormat and garden chairs outside. Can’t compare it to the scenes of lads mud-sliding across fields, can you?

But, it will come at a hefty price...

It'll cost you a pretty penny.

The Pop-Up hotel advertises early bird prices for Glastonbury accommodation with Airstreams for two people from a whopping £11,999.

But I mean, what’s a festival without being cramped into a tent, sweating in your sleeping bag with a backpack above your head and a row of tinnies at your feet?

Glastonbury Festival started welcoming campers on Wednesday 21 June, with loads of amazing acts taking to the stages until the end of Sunday 25 June.

Among the artists listed are Elton John, Guns N Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Lizzo, Aitch, Lil Nas X, Lana Del Rey, Fred Again and Central Cee.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@iambloodyforeigner

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