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Strict rules all Gogglebox cast members have to follow

Joe Harker

| Last updated 

Strict rules all Gogglebox cast members have to follow

Gogglebox fans rejoice, because it's currently back on our screens and proving that we're really nowhere near tired of watching TV where we watch other people watch TV.

The show is currently on series number 21 and it has just passed the 10 year anniversary since the airing of the first ever episode on 7 March, 2013.


Gogglebox has been one of Channel 4's most successful shows over the past decade and we've fallen in love with the stars of the show who've given their reactions over the years.


There have been some absolutely brilliant families featured on the show over the years, though we've had to wave a sad goodbye to many of them.

Being on the show does earn you some money, but even then some families have announced that they wanted to move on to new things and try new opportunities after a few years on the box.

While the show is meant to get some natural reactions from the stars, there are some strict rules in place to make sure Gogglebox goes as planned.

We're not talking about banning Lee from dipping his toast into his tea, even though perhaps that should be one of the show's rules.

Even Giles and Mary have to follow the show's rules. Credit: Channel 4
Even Giles and Mary have to follow the show's rules. Credit: Channel 4

Even though having a job where you get paid to watch TV sounds ideal, there are some behind-the-scenes details you need to know before signing up your evenings to be on Gogglebox.

No alcohol:

You'll see cast members quaffing all sorts of beverages on Gogglebox, usually from some sort of mug, but one thing there's a strict rule against is alcohol.


It's actually not often noticed by viewers of the Channel 4 show but you don't see the stars drinking wine, beer or spirits, or if they secretly are doing so they're doing a very good job of hiding it.

Producers implemented the rule in order to avoid cast members from getting drunk and possibly slurring their words on camera.

Tom Malone Jr, who left the show a few years ago, once confirmed this to The Sun, saying: "We weren’t allowed to order or drink alcohol, because I don’t think the show would work if we were all there slurring our words."

If you like to sit down with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer for an evening of watching the TV then this rule may mean a spot on Gogglebox isn't for you.

Pete and Sophie are often drinking something on Gogglebox, but it won't be alcohol. Credit: Channel 4
Pete and Sophie are often drinking something on Gogglebox, but it won't be alcohol. Credit: Channel 4

Put on a show:

While Gogglebox is meant to catch audience reactions to some of the most popular TV shows out there, a former star once revealed that they had to be switched on to what they were watching.

Ex-cast member Paige Deville said the show was a 'pantomime behind the scenes', explaining that she got filmed watching things three times so the crew could get a range of responses and not accidentally miss out on anything.


She said cast members were also under strict instruction to pay attention to what was on the screen and couldn't spend the show looking at their phones.

Paige also said that producers 'prep you to say things' by forewarning cast members if there's a really good bit coming up, while they are also told if some of the things they've said won't make it onto the show.

Abbie and Georgia on Gogglebox. Credit: Channel 4
Abbie and Georgia on Gogglebox. Credit: Channel 4

Enjoy your takeaway:

It's not all strictness and regulations for the Gogglebox stars, as they do get a bit of a treat on the days where they're being watched while watching the telly.

The cast members of Gogglebox are paid for being on the show, though according to Pete Sandiford not enough to quit the day job entirely, but they also get treated to a takeaway during filming days.

Some of the homes featured in the show also seem to have plenty of a signature treat, as Pete and his sister Sophie are often seen drinking from their fine collection of novelty mugs, while the Manchester-based Malone family often have some sugary treats out in the living room.

LADbible has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

New episodes of Gogglebox are shown on Channel 4 at 9am on Friday nights, with episodes then available to stream on All4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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Joe Harker
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