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Harry Enfield brings back Loadsamoney on Channel 4 and calls Boris ‘lying cheating fat c**t’

Harry Enfield brings back Loadsamoney on Channel 4 and calls Boris ‘lying cheating fat c**t’

Harry Enfield brought the classic character Loadsamoney into the 21st century for Friday Night Live

Harry Enfield brought one of his classic characters back to life last night, coming out with a special message for former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the process. You can see what Harry had to say below.

Enfield and his chums – although it wasn’t that particular show – hit screens last night for a rebooted version of Friday Night Live and it’s fair to say that it has had the intended effect of generating some headlines.

In this instance, all publicity really is good publicity.

At one stage, comedian Jordan Gray stripped naked and danced about the stage, telling people that was one of the best things about live TV.

At another point, Enfield re-invigorated his famous character ‘Loadsamoney’ to deliver a pointed message to Boris Johnson as he plots a return to 10 Downing Street following the resignation of Liz Truss earlier this week.

Bringing his old characters to a new generation, it became immediately clear that Loadsamoney hasn’t changed a great deal.

Styled as a really rich and flash cockney wideboy with questionable views on just about everything, Enfield strutted onto the stage in his familiar get-up, before flashing a wad of £50 notes at the audience and taunting them, saying: “Look at that, you fuel poverty w***ers!”

Harry Enfield as Loadsamoney.
Channel 4

He saved his most potent message for Boris Johnson, though.

Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with former Prime Minister Truss’ face on it that bore the slogan ‘I’d shag it’, he started his monologue.

“On a serious note”, he began without a thought of being serious for a single second.

“I would shag Trussy, but I didn’t vote for her.

“I voted for Boris, and I want Boris back.”

That was met by pantomime boos from the audience.

Enfield shushed them away, before adding: “Because Boris speaks my language,

“Because Boris is a lying, cheating fat c*** like me!”

Enfield – staying in character – then tried to lead the audience in chants of ‘Bring Back Boris’ over and again before ending the bit.

After the show aired, Channel 4 tweeted: “It’s been 12,593 days since [Friday Night Live] was last on TV and, thankfully, Loadsamoney hasn’t changed one bit.”

Loadsamoney is one of Enfield's old characters.
Channel 4

Fans were delighted to see the character back, though.

One wrote: “How did I guess Loadsamoney would be a 'Bring Back Boris' d***head?”

Another said: “Loadsamoney, a character for today’s Tory Britain.”

A third said: “Absolutely loving [Friday Night Live], it’s like finding your favourite top from 1994 in the wardrobe, and realising it’s come back into fashion.

“Don’t think some of the younger members of the audience appreciated [Loadsamoney] though.

“Ben Elton is on fire! Please come back!!”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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