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Harry Styles Fans Convinced He Is Secretly Bald

Harry Styles Fans Convinced He Is Secretly Bald

There's a rumour going round that Harry Styles is secretly completely bald, that can't be true can it?

Some fans of Harry Styles have created a conspiracy theory suggesting that their favourite singer is secretly bald.

According to the Daily Mirror, his fans have been speculating about Harry's receding hairline for some time and they are absolutely convinced that he's now wearing a wig to hide his baldness.

See, there's a rumour going round online that an 'A list musician/occasional actor' has 'gone almost completely bald' and is wearing a very sophisticated hairpiece that's almost impossible to spot.

Since Styles is a musician and actor he'd fit the bill for this description, even though at first people thought the star behind the rumours was Machine Gun Kelly.

There have been a few pictures of the singer performing on stage where it maybe, possibly, ever so slightly looks like his hair is a bit more detached from his scalp than it ought to be, so who knows?

Plenty of the singer's fans have taken to TikTok to post their theories and 'evidence' that Harry Styles is secretly as bald as an egg and hiding it with the most sophisticated wig ever designed.

As far as this conspiracy theory goes there's not a lot of concrete evidence to back it up.

An anonymous rumour started online with no mention of a name and a few pictures which need to be looked at in the right light are all that's propping this one up.

Other fans of Harry Styles on TikTok have been joking about the conspiracy theory and how ridiculous the idea of him wearing an incredibly lifelike wig is.

Meanwhile, Styles is on tour right now and has been given some of the highest possible praise out there for a musician, a comparison with Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury.

The former One Direction singer did a bit of back and forth singing with the crowd in scenes reminiscent of Queen's legendary Live Aid performance in 1985.

As for the future, the singer also said he'd be up for a reunion with former bandmates to bring back One Direction, which should be enough to get fans of the band screaming with delight.

He said the idea of getting the band back together was 'really nice' and that he'd love it if there was a time where everyone felt like they'd want to reunite for more performances together.

While the idea is always nice, the reality might be far more tricky as fellow former One Direction member Liam Payne said some less than nice things about Zayn Malik on Logan Paul's podcast.

Payne admitted he'd 'disliked' Malik during their time together in One Direction and called him a 'd**k', though he later came out and said his former bandmate was like a 'brother' and he will 'stand by him forever'.

A couple of years ago Payne had said the group were aiming to reunite for their 10th anniversary in the summer of 2020 without Zayn, though that didn't end up happening so the chances of any sort of reunion are anyone's guess right now.

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