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Holly Willoughby was left a little red-faced after Jake Humphrey reminded her she slept in the same bed as him for months.

While all the talk surrounding Willoughby currently is about her apparent feud with Phillip Schofield, with the latter leaving This Morning shortly afterwards, Willoughby actually had a presenting partner way before Schofield came along.

The presenter in question is Jake Humphrey, the sport presenter best known for covering football on BT Sport.

Way back in 2003 before her fame, Willoughby was still living in Brighton and would commute London for a period of six months for the filming of CBBC’s coverage of Fame Academy.

Humphrey was also on the show and had a flat in London, so Willoughby would often crash at his rather than having to travel back to Brighton after a long day of filming.

But while the pair appeared to sleep separately to start with, they eventually decided to sleep in the same bed, according to the football presenter.

Jake Humphrey said he and the This Morning presenter use to sleep in the same bed.

While this sleeping arrangement was only temporary, the pair once recalled the sleeping arrangement on ITV's Play To The Whistle, where Willoughby presented and Humphrey was a guest.

The latter was certainly very honest about the sleeping situation, which left the This Morning presenter rather stunned.

"We've actually known each other for a very long time," Willoughby started off. "I think it was 2002 on Fame Academy on CBBC, I use to stay around you house I think."

The This Morning presenter explained her situation on how she was still living in Brighton at the time, and would stop at her colleague's digs.

Humphrey quickly added: "We shared a bed," which brought a surprising reaction from the audience.

However, Willoughby quickly responded: "We never shared a bed, I slept on your floor."

"For a bit, but then you couldn't be bothered to get the mattress out if you remember, so you just piled in."

This left a rather red-faced Willoughby asking the question if that was correct.

Holly Willoughby was left rather stunned by the admission.

It is not the first time Humphrey has spoken about his sleeping arrangement with the This Morning presenter, as he discussed further in an interview with The Mirror back in 2012.

"Holly was living in Brighton and never used to stay down there so she stayed at my flat in London while we were working on the show," he told the paper.

"He added: “Eventually, it got to the point where we couldn’t be bothered to get the blow-up bed out so for about six months we slept in the same bed."

While the presenter insisted that ‘nothing ever happened’ between him and Willoughby, he did wonder what could have happened had he not been with his future wife, Harriet, at the time.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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