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Disturbing Home Alone theory claims Kevin grew up to become very sinister character

Disturbing Home Alone theory claims Kevin grew up to become very sinister character

Kevin was known for his creative booby traps in Home Alone

As a delightfully witty and creative young kid, it's hard to imagine Kevin from Home Alone growing up to become anything other than a fun-loving prankster. However, one theory suggests his life actually took a much more sinister turn:

Whether you're a fan of Christmas films or not, the character of Kevin McCallister is hard not to enjoy. First he tugs at the heartstrings by being completely forgotten by his entire family over Christmas, and next he shows the two thieves in his neighbourhood who's boss.

I mean, no matter how old you are, you have to admit some of his tactics to thwart Harry and Marv were impressive. They span from the creatively innocent, like making it look like people are dancing in the windows of the home, to downright maniacal, like turning Marv into a frazzled skeleton by sending an electric shock through his body.

In the context of a kid's film, this latter situation is more funny than horrifying - but it's these more sinister actions that have prompted some people to wonder about what kind of stunts he could pull off as a fully-formed adult.

Kevin used his traps to scare of the thieves.
Twentieth Century Fox

One particularly unnerving theory is presented on TikTok by user Endless Conspiracies, who advises anyone who particularly loves the Home Alone series to avoid watching the video and risk ruining the experience on the next re-watch.

If intrigue gets the better of you, though, the theory is as follows: using all of the crafty knowledge he portrays as a kid, Kevin grows up to become John Kramer - aka Jigsaw - from the Saw movies.

That's right, we went from PG to 18 real fast.

The TikToker points to a number of aspects of the films to back his theory, drawing on the traps Kevin sets up for Harry and Marv and suggesting these were simply the precursor to the more deadly traps used by Kramer in the Saw films, including the laser collar and the razor box.

Jigsaw terrorised his victims with traps.
Lionsgate Films

Endless Conspiracies also draws upon Kevin's fear of the furnace in the basement of the McAllister home, suggesting it 'inspired' the furnace trap in Saw II, which saw a victim have to climb into the furnace and risk being burned alive in an attempt to get an antidote for a deadly gas being released.

It's quite a jump, but I suppose it's possible that Kevin could have wanted to make sure he wasn't alone in fearing the furnace.

The theory has sparked mixed responses, with some claiming the timeline of Kevin's growth to adulthood doesn't align with the Saw films, while others have argued the theory 'makes sense'.

If you're up for a whirlwind of a night, you could check out both Home Alone and Saw for yourself to compare.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/Lionsgate Films

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