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People think Matt Smith deserves an Emmy despite not ‘saying a single word’ in latest House of the Dragon episode

People think Matt Smith deserves an Emmy despite not ‘saying a single word’ in latest House of the Dragon episode

Episode three of House of the Dragon sees Matt Smith deliver an outstanding performance in a huge battle sequence – without saying a word

People think Matt Smith deserves an Emmy after ‘stealing the entire episode’ of the latest House of the Dragon without ‘saying a single word’. 


This week’s instalment saw Prince Daemon and Lord Corlys fighting a losing battle against Crabfeeder’s army, forcing King Viserys to step in by sending out reinforcements – much to his brother’s dismay. 

As Corlys, his brother Vaemond and son Laenor argue about Daemon, he arrives on his dragon to cut their trash talk short, saying nothing as Vaemond angrily calls on his leaders to 'seize control’ of the bloody war. 


But before anyone can respond, a letter arrives from the king, outlining Viserys’ plans to help his younger sibling’s futile attempts at battle. 

Daemon reads the note in silence, before handing it back with a worrying smile, turning back to the stone table to reflect with feigned composure. 


He then suddenly spins around to batter the messenger with his helmet, only stopping when several men pull him away. 

As Viserys reads out his letter in a voiceover, we see Daemon defiantly rowing himself across the water to surrender, waving a white flag and giving up his sword as a curious Crabfeeder emerges from his cave and his men encircle their prisoner.


This, it turns out, is a trap – showing top levels of s**thousery from Daemon as he proceeds to unleash hell on Crabfeeder’s men, with Laenor eventually arriving on his dragon Seasmoke to offer ammo from the skies. 

This allows Daemon to follow Crabfeeder into his cave, later walking out carrying his opponent’s torso, entrails dragging behind. 

Daemon came out victorious in the end.

After the credits rolled, many fans not only realised that Smith’s performance throughout the tense sequence was nothing short of incredible, but also that he didn’t actually speak for the entire duration.


Sure, we briefly heard him call down to Crabfeeder as he flew by on Caraxes right at the beginning of the episode, but then he disappeared for the majority of the show, only reappearing for the chaotic final 10 minutes.

With Smith delivering such a huge battle scene in complete silence, fans couldn't help but praise the actor for his sublime performance – with many saying he deserves an Emmy for his efforts.

One viewer tweeted: “Matt Smith just stole that entire episode without speaking a single word. He's coming for that Emmy.” 

Someone else agreed: “Nah Daemon really stole the entire episode without saying a single word of dialogue...... Matt Smith is coming for those Emmys man.” 

A third wrote: “Matt Smith should win an Emmy for his performance on #HouseoftheDragon.” 

A fourth added: "Just realised that Daemon said not one word from the moment he came off the dragon till he walked out with you know what. Matt Smith is killing this role."

UK viewers can catch House of the Dragon on Sky Atlantic and NOW, while the show will be available in the US on HBO and HBO Max. 

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Sky

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