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House of the Dragon fans spot shocking detail about boy in new episode

House of the Dragon fans spot shocking detail about boy in new episode

House of the Dragon fans think they’ve spotted clues about who was behind King Viserys finding out about Rhaenyra and Daemon


House of the Dragon fans think they’ve spotted major clues about who was really behind King Viserys finding out about his daughter’s sexual misadventures in the most recent episode, which saw her share a steamy moment with her uncle Daemon at a local brothel before returning to her chamber to have sex with Criston Cole.

Yep, it was a BIG episode for Rhaenyra, who snuck out of the castle in disguise to meet Daemon in Downtown King’s Landing for a night on the town. 

Daemon and Rhaenyra in disguise earlier in the night.

Their adventure culminated with a trip to Daemon’s favourite brothel, where Rhaenyra watched on in awe as naked strangers writhed around in ecstasy.

As their sexual tension reached a climax, the pair started kissing and stripping off – but just as Rhaenyra pulled her trousers down, a frustrated Daemon had a sudden epiphany and stopped himself from following through, bolting immediately after. 

The latest episode features a steamy moment between Daemon and Rhaenyra. Credit HBO/Sky
The latest episode features a steamy moment between Daemon and Rhaenyra. Credit HBO/Sky

An equally frustrated Rhaenyra then returned home, pulling Criston into her chamber for the sex she thought she was getting from her uncle. 

While her night of passion with Criston remained a secret kept behind closed doors, the steamy – and very public – moment with Daemon very much became common knowledge, as revealed when Otto Hightower went and blabbed to the King.

With Viserys angry that his daughter's reputation had been ruined, Daemon offered up a solution, suggesting to his furious brother that he could wed Rhaenyra to keep household and bloodline strong, while also protecting her honour. 

But how did Otto find out in the first place? Some fans reckon they've clocked the person behind the rumour mill:

One person wrote: "Did you notice that the boy who went to tell Otto about Rhaenyra later met with Mysaria giving her the reward money Otto supposedly gave him. Daemon may have orchestrated the whole thing."

Someone else agreed: "Yea I noticed that and she also said she's his protector. I don't think she'll pull anything without Daemon's say so. It's possible he planned it all."

But others felt it could have indicated that Mysaria was behind the gossip, with one commenting: "Two possibilities that many of you are pointing out: Mysaria has a new job as mistress of whispers for Otto after not seeing Daemon for years OR: Daemon really did orchestrate it & hence why he removed Rhaenyra's disguise so she would be seen."

Fans spotted Mysaria speaking to the boy who had gone to Otto.

Another said: "I don't think so. Pretty sure it was Mysaria who did and I can't blame her after that Dragonstone hell that Daemon dragged her into. Plus the entire dialogue between them implied that the 2 hadn't met for a very long time and that she had found him somewhere blackout drunk."

A third added: "I don’t think he did. Sounded like Daemon hasn’t seen Mysaria in a while and she’s made her own way in the world. Daemon knew he’d be seen, that’s why he goes to a private place unmasked, and the information would get back to Viserys. Mysaria is messing with Daemon! Daemon was too drunk too do anything actually."

But outside of the thread, it turns out many other people felt Daemon may have set his niece up.


Someone else tweeted: "I believe he genuinely adores her but also is always scheming. This was absolutely on purpose (he ripped off her hat that he had given her!!!) but he wouldn't have been mad about marrying her."

Another also claimed they realised 'as soon as he took her hat off', while one added: "Exactly what I was thinking! He knew exactly what he was doing to get what he wanted."

Either way, the blink-and-you-miss-it moment suggests the little boy had something to do with the leak, whether it stemmed from Daemon or his lover.

UK viewers can catch House of the Dragon on Sky Atlantic and NOW, while the show will be available in the US on HBO and HBO Max. 

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Sky

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