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Hugh Grant slammed for ‘obnoxious’ behaviour in Ashley Graham interview at the Oscars

Hugh Grant slammed for ‘obnoxious’ behaviour in Ashley Graham interview at the Oscars

Some felt like the Brit wasn't getting into the spirit of things

Hugh Grant has been slammed for his awkward interview at the Oscars last night, where the biggest stars in the world got together to celebrate the best in cinema.

And during the glitzy event, the Notting Hill star was collared by model Ashley Graham for a chat about the event and, of course, his style.

The interview turned out to be excruciatingly uncomfortable for both parties. You can watch it below:

While most of these fairly tame interviews go by without much incident, it looks like Grant really wasn't interested.

Starting the chat fairly easily, Graham asked the Brit for his thoughts on the awards do and his 'favourite thing' about the Oscars.

To which Grant replied: "Well, it's fascinating... the whole of humanity is here. It's Vanity Fair."

Trying to move things along, Graham then asked him what he was most excited about seeing and if he had any favourites he'd like to see pick up some of the major awards.

But again, he wasn't really giving much away, saying: "No one in particular."

Moving onto his suit, Graham then asked: "What are you wearing?"

"My suit," replied Grant, quite dryly.

Hugh Grant was really not interested.

In a last bid to salvage anything from the interview, Graham moved onto Grant's brief appearance in the hit Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

She said: "What was it like to be in Glass Onion? How fun is it to shoot something like that?"

And yet again, Grant didn't seem like he wanted to get into the spirit of things, replying: "Well I'm barely in it. I was in it for about three seconds."

"It still must have been fun though, you had fun right?" Graham probed for a last time.

Hammering the final nail into the coffin that was this interview, Grant replied: "Erm... almost."

And his nonchalance didn't go unnoticed with viewers back at home, who weren't that impressed by his behaviour.

Taking to Twitter, there were plenty who felt like he was pretty rude to Graham.

The eye roll at the end. Yikes.

"Hugh Grant was so rude during his interview," wrote one. "Ashley Graham handled it with grace. His eye roll at the end was obnoxious! Don't agree to an interview if you're going to be an ass."

Another commented: "Why was he so rude … ?? Then he rolled his eyes when he walked off."

Not everyone felt like he was out of line, though.

Some argued that he was just treating the 'stupid' questions with the disdain that they deserved.

Backing the actor, one user said: "Hugh Grant wasn’t rude like so many people have posted, I don’t think the interviewer or the people who think he was rude know Hugh Grant. Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer."

While someone else put: "I’ve reviewed the tapes and can inform you Hugh Grant was not being rude, just English."

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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