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Is Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer based on a true story?

Is Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer based on a true story?

It's one of the latest Indian crime shows to arrive on Netflix, but is it based on true events?

Our love of crime documentaries shows no sign of waning, and the latest addition to Netflix will have everyone talking.

Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer is the latest in the Indian Predator series, in the wake of The Butcher Of Delhi.

Netflix described the latest arrival as: "A new terrifying case and an all new season of Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer arrives 7th September. A journalist murdered, a diary that reveals blood-curdling confessions and a man who calls himself a king. Everything leads back to one name: Raja Kolander."

Is Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer a true story?

True crime is one of the biggest genres in the world right now, and the crimes this horrifying new series is based on are all true.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

The new series tells the story of Raja Kolander, a cannibal and serial killer who claimed the lives of 14 people.

His horrendous deeds only came to light when he was accused of murdering a journalist.

The official synopsis reads: "When a young, well-loved journalist goes missing in Allahabad, the entire community comes together to unearth the truth. In the process they find an unlikely suspect — a small-time local politician’s husband.

Just when the police think the case is closed, they find a diary that has a list of 13 names along with that of the dead journalist."

Raja Kolander was using the alias Ram Niranjan.

He was accused of murdering a journalist called Dhirendra Singh.

Tragic Singh’s body was dismembered and hidden in a jungle and thrown into a river.

During his trial he made shocking revelations, including confessing to cannibalism, and buried 14 skulls in his home.

The murderer admitted to eating various parts of his victims’ bodies, favouring their brains.

He revealed his motive was revenge, and because he wanted to increase his mental power, and thought consuming the brains would do so.

He speaks directly from jail in the documentary, which is unfortunately all true. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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