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Jake Paul blames the 'Drake curse' for the reason why he lost to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul blames the 'Drake curse' for the reason why he lost to Tommy Fury

The YouTuber-stroke-boxer has blamed Drake for his losing performance in the ring

While it's fairly common for people in sports to have their own array of superstitions when it comes to competition, what's far less common is believing that one particular music artist can end up cursing an entire match.

And this was definitely the case for Jake Paul - who recently lost a highly publicised boxing fight against Tommy Fury - and has since blamed his less than victorious performance on none other than one particular Canadian rapper.

The phenomenon is being dubbed the 'Drake curse' with Paul claiming that the loss was all 'Drake's fault'.

Fury brought Paul's winning streak to an end.
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Fury and Paul took to the ring last night (26 February) to finally strap their boxing gloves on and have it out at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia.

The long-anticipated fight had been put on the backbench for an entire two-and-a-half years by Fury, following a series of medical issues and visa problems that prevented the British boxer from going head-to-head with the American online personality-come-boxer.

After eight eventful rounds, Fury was able to emerge from the ring as champion and subsequently claimed the prize money - all $1 million of it - as well as taking home a WBC title and being able to keep his family name.

Not only did the new father-of-one take home a staggering winning bonus, but he was also paid a guaranteed $2 million as a base salary alongside 35 percent of the profits earned from Pay Per View streams.

Drake is being blamed for Paul's losing performance.

To add more salt in the wound, Paul was also set to pay out an extra $500,000 from his own earnings, leading Fury's final winnings as a massive $6 million, according to Sports Zion.

Totally wrecking Paul's winning streak, the American boxer has since looked to alternative factors that may have caused this recent downfall.

And, bizarrely, Paul is putting it all down to none other than Hotline Bling rapper, Drake.

It seems that Champagne Papi himself was at the very heart of Paul's shortcomings last night.

Drake took to Instagram yesterday to share with his 132 million followers just how much faith he had in Paul's boxing abilities.

The 'One Dance' rapper revealed he bet a whopping $400,000 on Paul with an expected $1,440,000 payout if he were to take home the winning title.

Drake bet a whopping $400,000 on Paul with an expected $1,440,000 payout.

However, this was far from the case - leading to the rapper losing the grand sum altogether.

Speaking about the fight in a post-match conference, Paul jokingly claimed that his defeat was all down to Drake's huge public bet on him and the pressure this resulted in.

"F***! This is Drake's fault! Drake, bro, why did you do this to me?" he joked.

However, clearly taking some responsibility for the loss, Paul went on to say: "No, it's my fault. 400,000 is nothing to him - he has won a lot more money betting on me before."

The boxer concluded: "He's probably about even now. Sorry Drake, I'll get that W in the rematch."

The fight did, in fact, have a rematch clause if Fury was to win, so fans can rest assured that they'll likely have another dose of ringside antics to look forward to in the next fight between the two boxing stars.

Featured Image Credit: jakepaul/champagnepapi/Instagram

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