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Jake Paul says Tommy Fury has 'gone silent as a mouse' after accepting 'double or nothing' contract

Jake Paul says Tommy Fury has 'gone silent as a mouse' after accepting 'double or nothing' contract

YouTuber-turned boxer Jake Paul is finally set to take on Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia this Sunday (26 February)

Jake Paul has claimed Tommy Fury has gone 'silent as a mouse' after he agreed to a double or nothing bet ahead of tomorrow's boxing grudge match.

Though Fury agreed to take the bet, Paul claims he's yet to sign on the dotted line and return the contract for the all or nothing agreement.

You can watch Paul slam Fury in the video below:

For all of the non-boxing purists out there, it's a matchup many of us are slightly embarrassed to admit how are excited we are to watch - even more so now - as The Problem Child put forward a lucrative 'double or nothing' contract offer.

It all started at a press conference on Thursday where Paul told the Manchester-born fighter he would pay Fury double if he won their eight-round bout.

However, if Fury loses, he would get nothing.

'The Problem Child' has proposed a lucrative 'double or nothing' contract offer.
BT Sport

"I think we make a deal then, since you're so confident," Paul said during the presser.

"I think we make a deal. If you win, I'll pay you double what I'm paying you already.

"But if I win, I take everything that I'm paying you. Deal or no deal, seeing as you're so confident?"

The pair ended up squaring up to each other as Paul goaded Fury to accept the new terms, but funnily enough 'Big John' Fury jumped in and agreed to the bet on his son's behalf.

'You've got a deal," he shouted.

"All or nothing. You've heard it."

And in a face-to-face interview aired yesterday (24 February), Paul handed over the contract to his adversary, who said he will take it to his legal representatives and promised to sign it.

However, according to Paul, that was the last he heard from Tommy on the subject.

Speaking in a video posted on Twitter today, Paul said: "Tommy agreed to it. Shook my hand on stage.

"His dad said they agreed to it. I signed the contract right in front of them.

"We sent it over to their lawyers and just as I thought, they have gone silent as a mouse for the last 24 hours.

"They do not want to sign the contract and it just goes to show they have this false confidence.

"Put your money where your mouth is. You shook on it like a man and now you guys haven't signed the actual contract to make the deal official."

LADbible has contacted Tommy Fury's representatives for a comment.

Well, according to Sports Zion, Paul is set to bag a $3.2 million (£2.6m) purse, should he win, as well as taking home 65 percent of the overall pay-per-view sales.

Jake Paul called out Tommy Fury for not signing the contract for their bet.

That means a payday of $8.6 million (£7.2m) including his sponsorships, should he beat Fury.

For his British opponent, however, he’ll bag a $2 million (£1.6m) purse if he emerges victorious, also grabbing 35 percent of the pay-per-view today, meaning that a victory would see him bag $4.5 million (£3.7m).

However, if he does eventually sign the contract, Fury stands to make significantly more if he wins.

Paul has defeated all six of his opponents so far, but is yet to face a pro boxer.

Fury, younger brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson, is set to be Paul's first opponent to come from a boxing background when they clash in an eight-round fight in Saudi Arabia, which has already been postponed twice.

Featured Image Credit: @michaelbensonn/Twitter

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