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James Corden and Ruth Jones met up to discuss future of Gavin and Stacey

James Corden and Ruth Jones met up to discuss future of Gavin and Stacey

The pair met as Corden moves back to England following his stint in the US

With every re-watch; every one of Gwen's omelettes, Smithy's call of 'Gavlar' and Nessa's wild stories, Gavin and Stacey fans wish there were more episodes of the beloved comedy.

All of our prayers were answered in 2019 when the show returned for a one-off Christmas special, but fans still want more.

We need an update on where Gavin and Stacey, Pam and Mick, and Nessa and Smithy are up to now, and of course, we still need to know what happened on the fishing trip.

We need to know where the couple are now.

Christmas special aside, the chance of future episodes seemed low when creator James Corden headed across the pond to host the Late Late Show in the US.

But now his stint as host is over, and he's heading back to his home country. So could there be a glimmer of hope?

Well, the answer is: maybe.

In an interview with The Sun, the presenter revealed that he and co-creator Ruth Jones (Nessa) had met up at Christmas, and after all of their work together of course the topic of Gavin and Stacey came up.

Corden revealed that the creators spoke about 'who [they] had spoken to from the cast recently', though he didn't say exactly what those discussions had entailed.

The concept of conversations alone is an exciting prospect, but unfortunately that's about where the discussions ended.

Corden explained: "In truth Ruth and I met up at Christmas… and I know it will be a disappointment, but we didn’t talk about it in life-growing forms.

“We talked about who we had spoken to from the cast recently, but that was about it. It is wonderful people loved the characters that much and whenever I’m back home, and chat with the cabbies they say, ‘You’ve done well for yourself’. It’s lovely.

“But now people only want a good show. I don’t think about [Smithy and Nessa’s future] until Ruth and I are in a room."

We'll have to wait and see whether Nessa has a future.

Corden went on to explain that he and Jones can't work together to write a show 'remotely', adding: "We tried it when I was in New York with The History Boys and we tried it over Skype, and we couldn’t do it.

“It is whether we decide to get into a room together and honestly I could not tell you what the chances are of that. We both have to be ready and right," he continued.

Only time will tell whether the pair are ever 'ready and right' to return to the characters, but we can definitely keep our fingers crossed.

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