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James May calls out vile response from Top Gear fans to Freddie Flintoff's crash

James May calls out vile response from Top Gear fans to Freddie Flintoff's crash

He was left unimpressed by the response from some fans of the show

James May has hit out at Top Gear fans who were cruelly ‘rejoicing’ following Freddie Flintoff’s crash.

The cricket star had to be airlifted to hospital in December after getting into a crash at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome in Surrey, where Top Gear's test track is located.

Flintoff suffered broken ribs and facial injuries and his son, Corey, said he was 'lucky to be alive'.

In the wake of the horrific smash, the BBC suspended filming of the series and - as yet - has not shared if, or even when, it could return.

In a statement back in March, the BBC said that 'under the circumstances', it would be 'inappropriate to resume making series 34 of Top Gear at this time'.

No information has been provided about when the show might pick up again, with the BBC adding: “We understand this will be disappointing for fans, but it is the right thing to do, and we’ll make a judgement about how best to continue later this year. This has also impacted the production team, who we continue to support.

Top Gear presenter Freddie Flintoff was involved in a serious crash last December.

"Finally, there will be a health and safety review of the show, in line with our procedures."

In a new interview with Metro, May, 60, expressed his disgust at some so-called fans of the show who were ‘rejoicing’ on social media following Flintoff’s accident and making comments about it sparking a possible return for him, Clarkson and Hammond.

He told the publication: “One thing I would say, I’ve noticed this on Twitter, it’s died down a bit now, but for a while there were people saying, ‘Top Gear’s ended because Freddie Flintoff bashed himself up and why don’t you three go back and rescue and save it.’

"I wanted to say to people, ‘Look, the bloke’s hurt himself.’

James May has presented The Grand Tour since 2016.
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"It’s not an opportunity for you to gloat or say, ‘Oh, I prefer the other team.’ You could possibly just say, ‘Get well Freddie’ or something nice like that, rather than rejoicing in it.”

May was involved in a crash of his own while filming The Grand Tour a few months back, after he ploughed into the wall of a tunnel at 75mph.

Referencing his own scary experience alongside Flintoff’s, he added: “It’s a while since it happened and he’s obviously still not completely better.

"So it’s not like my tunnel crash, a couple of weeks later, I was okay, no lasting damage.

"That’s obviously something a lot more serious. So good luck to him.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/LADTV/BBC

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