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Jason Derulo gives waiter huge tip to cover his next term at uni

Jason Derulo gives waiter huge tip to cover his next term at uni

Jason Derulo just changed someone's life

Say what you will about Jason Derulo's music, but the 'Riding Solo' singer is a top bloke.

While dining out at a restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska this week, Jason changed someone's life at the drop of the hat by tipping them enough to cover their next semester at university.

Jason, 33, and his family had been eating at Charleston's Restaurant over the weekend when he met waiter Jordan Schaffer.

After being handed a $795 (£660) bill at the end of the meal, Jason decided to round it up - by a lot.

Jordan later shared a video of the touching moment to TikTok, telling viewers in the caption: "Jason Derulo tipped me $5,000 at Charlestons Restaurant in Omaha".

In the clip, Jordan has just been handed the $5,000 tip and is, understandably, struggling to wrap his head around it.

"My heart's beating really fast," he tells the singer.

"You guys are really awesome, man," Jason replies.

Jason tipped a waiter $5,000.

Jordan later filmed a personal shout-out to Jason for his act of kindness.

Talking to the camera, he said: "Hey Jason, thank you. You just paid for a semester at my college. I can't say thank you enough.

"I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in Omaha and I hope you see us again. Thank you so much."

Showing viewers a photo of the receipt as evidence, he added: "Dude, check it out! I can't believe this."

On the bill for $759.99 from Sunday, 5 March, it shows Jason rounded it up to exactly $5,759.99.

Jason then shared Jordan's video to his own Instagram and TikTok accounts, showing his reaction to the waiter's sweet thank you video.

The 'Watcha Say' singer wrote in the caption: "Blessed to be a blessing."

Jordan said he's going to use the money to get him through his next semester of university.

Jordan, obviously still blown away by Jason's thoughtfulness, commented on Jason's Instagram post to thank him once again.

"Thanks again Jason I’ll remember this for the rest of my life you really helped ease a lot of stress in my life god bless you and your family," he wrote.

Fans were just as blown away by Jason's kindness, and took to the comment section to thank him for looking out for others.

This gives me goosebumps!" commented one viewer. "I love this kind of thing so much! How absolutely kind."

A second agreed: "You’re awesome man. You’re one of the stars that never forgot where you came from."

What an absolute legend.

Featured Image Credit: @jordanschaffer2/TikTok

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