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Jeremy Clarkson is banned from entering India

Jeremy Clarkson is banned from entering India

Jeremy listed three countries he says he can't visit

Jeremy Clarkson is banned from entering the country of India.

The 63-year-old recently revealed the places around the world he isn't allowed to visit.

During an episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, which he presents, Clarkson listed the countries where he is definitely not welcome.

It might not come as a total surprise to learn he's made the news big time there because of his jokes.

This conversation all came about because of one of the gameshow questions.

"The Hindu god Ganesh is traditionally depicted as having the head of which animal?" asked Clarkson, of a god widely worshipped by Indians.

As the contestant got pretty confused by his options, he actually decided to request help from the host - before even using up his lifeline of asking the audience.

Jeremy named three countries he says he can't enter.
Mark Thomas / Alamy Stock Photo

This meant The Grand Tour star had to prove he didn't have access to the answer, as the question actually ironically reminded him of his ban from the country.

Clarkson helped get the answer right - elephant, if you're interested - and then went on to talk about the list of countries that definitely don't want him around.

"But weirdly I’m actually banned from really am, I tried to go there last year and was refused a visa," he said, as the audience laughed at him.

“So that’s Turkey, Argentina…not that anybody would want to go back there and India.”

There's not a definite answer as to why Clarkson's wasn't allowed in the South Asian country but he did go there in 2011 for the Top Gear India Special, with a 'trade mission'.

While some viewers may have found it hilarious, his sense of humour didn't go down all to well with the people in their Government. But there's also a chance his visa was denied simply because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It seems much of Jeremy's problems in the countries stem from his time on Top Gear.

With Turkey, there's a possibility Clarkson's ban is down to another of the Top Gear specials, when they went to the Middle East back in 2010.

He, Hammond and May didn't particularly hang around in Turkey but some of their comments about roads and travel advice upset the country.

A popular news channel there, NTV, said 'exaggerated remarks' were made and the programme: "Disparaged Turkey. The presenters wore bulletproof vests and helmets and said that the southeast of Turkey should be considered a war zone.”

Clarkson's problems with Argentina may be a little more clear for Top Gear fans as the Patagonia Special in 2014 featured some rather memorable scenes.

As his vehicle, he used a Porsche with a 'H982 FKL' number plate which was very badly received by locals.

Although it was apparently coincidental, locals decided it was in reference to the 1982 Falklands War and during their journey, the car was attacked with stones and even pickaxes.

So it doesn't look like the people of India or Argentina and Turkey can expect to see Clarkson zooming by anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: Mark Thomas / Alamy Stock Photo / BBC

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