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Jeremy Clarkson finally reunites with Hammond and May while filming the Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson finally reunites with Hammond and May while filming the Grand Tour

The Clarkson's Farm star shared a snap of himself and his two Grand Tour co-hosts

Jeremy Clarkson has reunited with his Grand Tour co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May in a new snap as filming gets underway.

Clarkson, 63, Hammond, 53, and May, 60, all smiled into the camera as they sat aboard a boat; alongside the photo Clarkson wrote: “Three t***s in a boat”. Lovely."

As you can imagine, fans of The Grand Tour were delighted to see the trio reunited, with one commenting: “The three mighty legends in one boat.”

Another said: “Highlight post of the day!”

While a third read: “The best photo I have seen all day! The Return!”

Earlier this month, Clarkson let slip that Hammond had had a fall, but confirmed that he was doing OK.

“Also this morning, Hammond had a tumble. He really did. A*** over t**. But it was OK because he knew help was coming.”

Although filming looks to be well underway, it’s unclear when new episodes of the show will air.

The three men have fronted The Grand Tour since 2016, having previously worked together on BBC’s Top Gear for several years.


Hammond and May both left Top Gear after Clarkson was dismissed in 2015, over - what the BBC called an 'unprovoked physical and verbal attack' on a member of the Top Gear crew, Oisin Tymon, that landed him in A&E.

Clarkson later issued an apology statement, saying: "I would like to say sorry, once again, to Oisin Tymon for the incident and its regrettable aftermath.

"I want to reiterate that none of this was in any way his fault.

"I would also like to make it clear that the abuse he has suffered since the incident is unwarranted and I am sorry too that he has had to go through that."

May has previously expressed regret over the way things went at the time, and that he wishes he had made more of an effort to help the pair reconcile.

The three presenters have hosted The Grand Tour since 2016.
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Speaking to The Times last year, May said: "Looking back on it, what annoyed me was that the whole thing became so blown up. And actually, it wasn’t that a big a deal.

“It wasn’t fair on Oisin, the other guy.

“He became a bit of a hate figure on the internet, which I thought was very poor.”

May continued: "It could have been sorted out quite easily with a bit of kissing and making up and a bit of slapping and kicking up the a***.

"But, of course, it turned into a huge story.

"And sometimes I wish I had made more of an effort to make the reconciliation happen."

Featured Image Credit: jeremyclarkson1/Instagram

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