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Johnny Depp Superfan Flies 30 Hours To The US To Support Actor

Johnny Depp Superfan Flies 30 Hours To The US To Support Actor

Depp's $50 million (£38m) defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard is well underway

A Johnny Depp superfan has flown all the way from Australia to support him in his defamation trial against Amber Heard.

Depp's $50 million (£38m) lawsuit against his ex-wife is well underway, with the Pirates of the Caribbean star's sister and childhood friend having already taken the stand to testify.

The case comes after a 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which Heard claimed she had become 'a public figure representing domestic abuse', with the 'clear implication' Depp was an abuser, his attorneys have argued.

This also follows Depp's libel case loss to The Sun in 2020, after a judge ruled claims he was a 'wife-beater' to be 'substantially true'.

But it seems as if the actor has a number of fiercely loyal fans, including a woman named Jacinta.

Jacinta went all out to prove her love and support for Depp by booking herself on a 30-hour flight to Virginia to be there for the trial.

Speaking to 7News while waving a pirate flag, presumably a nod to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, she said: "'I believe he's innocent. He's suffered very bad consequences that he didn't deserve."

Other fans have also been gathering outside Fairfax County's district courthouse, such as Yvonne de Boer, who travelled from Los Angeles to Virginia.

She said to the MailOnline: "I love him dearly. I've been a fan for 36 years, I've met him many times. I want to be hear from him, to hear him speak his truth. We want him to know he's not alone."

Debbie Debowski, a member of the 'Johnny Depp Culprits' group who flew in from Houston, also said: "I want Johnny to know how much his fans love him. He's just a normal guy, he's gentle and sweet."

Natasha Miller, who drove to Virginia from Nevada, said: "I'll be here until the trial is over. He's the chief, I'll go where the chief goes. He's been my favourite everything for 28 years, ever since I saw him in Benny and Joon. He's a brilliant man."

Johnny Depp waving at onlookers in Virginia.

In August last year, Depp told fans they were all 'amazing soldiers' for their continual support.

In an interview with The Times, he also said his fans "have always been my employers… they are all our employers. They buy tickets, merchandise. They made all of those studios rich, but they forgot that a long time ago. I certainly haven’t.

"I’m proud of these people, because of what they are trying to say, which is the truth. The truth they’re trying to get out since it doesn’t in more mainstream publications.

"It’s a long road that sometimes gets clunky. Sometimes just plain stupid. But they stayed on the ride with me and it’s for them I will fight. Always, to the end. Whatever it may be."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Alamy/7News

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