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​​What Is Jon Favreau’s Net Worth In 2022?

​​What Is Jon Favreau’s Net Worth In 2022?

Jon Favreau might be one of Hollywood's most recognisable names but he has slowly built up a subsantial wealth for himself.

Jon Favreau might not be one of Hollywood's most recognisable names or faces but the actor and movie maker has slowly built up a large collection of box-off hits that range from indie fan favourites to bloc buster sensations.

This has left people wondering how much wealth the actor and film maker has acquired over his time in the film industry.

What Is Jon Favreau’s Net Worth?

Favreau’s net worth in 2022 stands at approximately $100 million (£82 million), according to celebrity net worth.

The majority of his net worth comes from his acting performances and directing work, as well as the two production companies he owns - Fairview Entertainment and Golem Creations.

The actor also owns a small property portfolio in his home state of California where he lives with his wife and three children. 

As an actor, Favreau’s biggest role has come as “Happy” Logan, Tony Stark's Head of Security, as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Favreau has reprised the role multiple times across the MCU, featuring in all three of the stand-alone Iron Man films, the Avengers saga and the Tom Holland Spider-Man films.

He also sat in the director's chair for the first two Iron Man films as well as serving as an executive producer for the Avengers and Spider-Man films.

Favreau is not thinking of slowing down as it's currently rumoured that the 55 year old is working on a Dr Doom film to go alongside the already confirmed Fantastic Four movie. 

Eagle-eyed fans of the hit US sitcom Friends will also recognise Favreau as Monica Geller’s millionaire boyfriend turned UFC fighter, Peter Becker.

This doesn't come close to completing his acting career, as he has also starred in the feel-good indie-hit Chef where he plays a big-time chef who opens a food truck with his son. 

Favreau has slowly produced a glittering career for himself over the last 30 years, establishing himself as one of Hollywood’s most important - if little known - box office names.

The shining jewel of Favreau’s career though is surely the 2003 Christmas classic Elf for which he served as director.

In 2018 Favreau suggested that a sequel could be possible, however, Will Ferrell said he was unwilling to reprise his role as the loveable elf Bucky, ruining the dreams of primary school-aged children everywhere. 

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