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Josh Peck revealed the surprisingly low amount of money he was paid to star in Drake & Josh

Josh Peck revealed the surprisingly low amount of money he was paid to star in Drake & Josh

The actor has disclosed the total sum he received for starring in the sitcom

Josh Peck has revealed the surprisingly low amount of money he was paid to star in Drake & Josh.

The 36-year-old first sky-rocketed to success after appearing on the hit Nickelodeon sitcom alongside co-star, Drake Bell.

The 2004 show spanned four series with an impressive 56 episode-run, before coming to an end in 2007.

Peck was once one half of the iconic titular duo, which also starred the likes of iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor.

The whacky sitcom plot followed the two teenage boys who'd recently become stepbrothers and had to fight to overcome their many differences to live in harmony together.

Since then, Peck has openly spoken out about his experiences working on the show, including the amount of money he made from the show.

Peck revealed the exact figure he made from starring in Drake & Josh.
YouTube/The Diary Of A CEO

The former-Nickelodeon actor recently appeared on an episode of Steven Bartlett's The Diary Of A CEO podcast yesterday (13 April).

He covered a whole array of topics in the lengthy episode, including what it was like growing up without a father, how comedy singlehandedly changed his entire life, his addiction to food, getting sober after years of substance abuse and even becoming a father himself.

In the interview, the star explained that there was 'no residuals' for child actors at the time.

He told Steven: "You know, while doing the show, we made about $100,000 a year."

Peck revealed that he made $100,000 a year for the show.
YouTube/The Diary Of A CEO

The 'Happy People Are Annoying' author continued to say that the total figure was 'great money' to make for the 'four years' he worked on the show.

While admitting that the cash allowed him to have a 'lovely middle class lifestyle', Peck saw some issues with the not-so-grand total.

"But," he carried on, "no one would assume that once you stopped working that you never had to work again.

"So I just wanted to give some clarity to that to sort of explain the choices that I made after and why I was so passionate about finding more work."

Such 'choices' include getting involved in Hulu's How I Met Your Father series, as well as starting up a very successful YouTube channel himself, which now boasts over 3.55 million subscribers.

The podcast episode has since received thousands of views since it was uploaded, with a whole avalanche of people eager to share their reactions.

One YouTube user praised: "I always have so much respect for people like Josh Peck speaking so candidly about their struggles, especially when a lot of us would assume that being a part of something as famous as Drake & Josh would have you set for life."

A second added: "Such an authentic, amazing human."

"Refreshing," a final fan commented, "thanks for sharing Josh. Thanks for always asking the right questions Steven."

Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon YouTube/The Diary Of A CEO

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