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What is J.P. McManus’ Net Worth In 2022?

What is J.P. McManus’ Net Worth In 2022?

JP McManus is one of the most recognisable, albeit infamous owners in horse racing, but what is his net worth?

JP McManus is one of the most recognisable, albeit infamous owners in horse racing. 

His horses, adorned in the distinctive green and gold hoops are ever present on the biggest stage, scooping some of the sport’s greatest titles.

The Irishman has also branched out into other sports than the racing that made his name. 

He formerly owned a large stake in Manchester United before he was bought out by the Glazer family, whose relations with United fans has been consistently tense. 

More recently, the mogul has bankrolled his own etymological golf competition that has recently featured stars like Tiger Woods. 

Just as the JP McManus Pro-Am golf tournament concludes, many are wondering what the 71 year-old is worth?

What Is J.P. McManus’ Net Worth?

As of 2022, the former-bookmaker is worth an estimated $1 billion (£831.3 million) according to celebritynetworths.

McManus grew this stonking wealth from a relatively modest position, working in his family’s construction plant. 

The racing empire only truly began to take off in his 30s when he purchased his first horse. From there, the racing icon’s coffers were swelled by prize-money from astonishing wins, many won by Tony McCoy, a modern great.

This fortune has been augmented by a predilection for gambling, including a taking of $17.4 million in 2012. 

There are two perceptions of the businessman’s character with regard to his wealth. 

The first is dominated by the findings of the Glackin Report, a leak that exposed alleged money laundering and fraud among Ireland’s elite.

The document implicated the former-bookie as a beneficiary in the scandal that angered much of Ireland

However, no criminal charges were made against McManus resulting from the findings of the Glackin Report

The Limerick native has also repeatedly donated large sums to charity and has demonstrated civic awareness, such as supplying hospital equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The racehorse owner has 3 children and lives in what is reportedly the biggest house in Ireland, a sprawling mansion believed to have cost £100 million to construct. 

He also co-owns the exclusive Sandy Lane resort in Barbados, an idyllic haunt of the rich and famous.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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