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Judi Dench left gobsmacked after seeing Jack O'Connell’s bum tattoo

Judi Dench left gobsmacked after seeing Jack O'Connell’s bum tattoo

Her face is priceless

Dame Judi Dench had the most hilarious reaction to Jack O'Connell’s 'bum tattoo', a revelation that left her completely gobsmacked.

In the clip, which has resurfaced online, the pair took to The Graham Norton Show sofa to promote their 2017 movie Tulip Fever.

But the famed British actress grew hot under the collar for an altogether different reason.

While speaking about their project, Norton turns the focus to tattoos, pointing out that O'Connell is 'quite inked' in real life.

"I have one or two, yeah," he replies, before saying, "I guess the most famous one was fake. That one on my bottom."

The host jokes, "I'm glad you brought it up," before pulling up a photo of the tattoo in question.

For those not in the know, O'Connell starred in Skins as the cocky James Cook, a character who decided to get two hands etched across his butt cheeks.

She was not expecting that.

The screenshot is taken from the moment he reveals the ink job to his friends, with his full butt on display.

When it comes up on screen, the audience erupts into laughter while poor Dench appears lost for words.

She points to the photo with her mouth wide open before looking at O'Connell as if to say, 'Well I never!'

As he laughs at her reaction, she quips, "You didn't tell me that," while cracking a cheeky smile.

"It's his real bottom," says Norton, causing her to start giggling. The host then asks, "Why are the hands like that?"

O'Connell replies, "I don't know Graham, I guess to imply whatever's happening on the front."

Thankfully, the 'tattoo' wasn't permanent as it was drawn on with makeup - but it still gave Dench quite the shock.

Hundreds of people took to the hilarious clip to share their thoughts, with one writing, "Judi's face: PRICELESS!"

"'You didn't show me THAT.' Dame Judi is hysterical," said another, while a third added, "Dame Judi's comic timing... brilliant!"

People praised the pair for their hilarious exchange.

Others were on hand to suggest the 88-year-old had a soft spot for her younger co-star, including this person who said: "Am I the only one who's gonna mention how Dame Judi Dench has got the hots on Jack?"

"You can tell Judy fancies him," said another.

And then there were those praising O'Connell, who has come a long way since his turn in Skins.

"Jack's so underrated, both in and out of acting," said one. "Down to earth guy with such effective and deep performing roles. He's truly incredible."

A second chimed in: "When I saw Jack in Skins I wished someone would grab him for movies. So very happy for all that he is doing now. He's such an incredible talent."

Featured Image Credit: BBC Graham Norton Show / YouTube

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