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Kaleb Cooper's fear of balloons is actually a recognised phobia

Kaleb Cooper's fear of balloons is actually a recognised phobia

The young farmer admitted to irrational fear during the latest series of Clarkson's farm

With the possibility of Clarkson’s Farm soon coming to an end, fans will have a lot of unanswered questions - including the question of whether Kaleb Cooper will be able to get over his phobia of balloons or not.

The young farmer admitted to his strange phobia during the latest series of the Prime Video show, as a bemused Jeremy Clarkson watched on.

Despite this, the irrational fear of balloons is actually a recognised phobia in the UK, with the condition also being known as globophobia.

It seems the 24-year-old isn’t alone, with it being the among the top 20 most common with an estimated 8 percent of adults with a phobia having the irrational fear.

Those with globophobia may experience intense fear or anxiety when they near balloons.

Suffers may even avoid celebrations, such as weddings and birthdays, where they may encounter balloons as the disorder can impact their day-to-day life.

This even can include both inflated and deflated balloons, as well as weather balloons – although that’s understandable with what’s going on in the US right now.

Globophobia is the irrational fear of balloons.
Oleg Elkov / Alamy Stock Photo

It also often connected to other phobias such as, coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and phonophobia (an extreme fear of loud noises).

This is true for Cooper, who spoke about his condition during the second episode of the latest series of Clarkson's Farm.

As a vet puts on gloves to examine a cow, the young farmer can be heard saying: “That sounds like a balloon and I’m terrified of balloons”.

As Clarkson quizzes the farmhand, Cooper admits just how bad his condition is.

“Massive fear,” he told the former Top Gear presenter, adding: “You’ve no idea. Wouldn’t go in a room with a balloon… yeah, s**t scared.”

Whilst Cooper has yet to make peace with his phobia, many suffers have been successful in doing so.

Often this involves exposure therapy, where patients will confront their fear in a bid to desensitise themselves.

They may also try to challenge their feelings about balloons and try to find the root cause behind the bizarre phobia.

Kaleb Cooper revealed his phobia during the second series of Clarkson's Farm.
Amazon Prime

However, it’s not the only phobia Cooper may have to get over.

As Clarkson’s Farm is possibly coming to an end in the near future, the farmer as become a favourite for the next series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

During a scene from the latest series, he even confirmed that he’d be up for entering the of the jungle after the Prime Video show ends.

He admitted that leaving his beloved farm would be the worst bit, telling Clarkson: "That's probably the worst thing actually. That is probably what I'd be most scared about - actually leaving. If they come here, I'd do it."

Could Kaleb Cooper be our next King of the Jungle?

Featured Image Credit: @cooper_kaleb/Instagram / Anthony Pleva / Alamy Stock Photo

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