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'Kings Of Pain' Star Adam Thorn Throws Up After Bite From Venomous Lizard

'Kings Of Pain' Star Adam Thorn Throws Up After Bite From Venomous Lizard

Adam's been bitten and stung by countless animals in the past

In some painfully eye-watering footage, Kings of Pain star Adam Thorn is seen throwing up after letting a venomous lizard bite his arm. Watch below, if you dare:


For those unaware, the premise for Kings Of Pain is pretty simple, yet uniquely bizarre at the same time.

The idea is that a biologist and professional animal handler 'get bit and stung by some of the most dangerous animals and insects in the world to create a complete and comprehensive pain index to help save lives'.

Although the Aussie presenter is no stranger to being bitten and stung by countless animals in the past, the jungle explorer was possibly not expecting to be in that much pain when he was recently bitten by a venomous lizard.

Adam Thorn let a Mexican beaded lizard bite him which he instantly regretted.

In a recent instalment, Thorn decided to put his body on the line as a Mexican beaded lizard took a munch out of his arm.

And unbelievably, the lizard's venomous bite hit him so hard that it was the fist time one of these bizarre encounters has actually made him vomit. Yikes.

Thorn justifies these gruesome incidents by using a 30-point pain index to rate his stings and bites.

He subsequently gave the Mexican lizard a 26.5, which happens to be higher than last season's 25.75 for the reticulated python.

The pain index takes into account intensity, duration and damage and I think it's safe to say that Thorn experienced all of the above.

Thorn rated the lizard's bite pain as one of the highest he's ever encountered.

It just so happens that co-star Rob Alleva decided to give the lizard's wrath a go and his bite looked considerably worse, with him throwing up twice due to the pain on his way home, according to TMZ.

Kings Of Pain, which has been running since 2019, has featured many memorable moments, including the time Thorn was left screaming in pain with a fang hanging out of his arm after he let a 16-foot-long python bite him.

After the reptile sank its fangs deep into his arm tissue, as you might imagine, the presenter screamed in agony while the protective mask and groin cover he was wearing, of course, offered no protection whatsoever.

The Kings Of Pain star is no stranger to some nasty stings and bites.
He screamed "get off, get off," as co-host Alleva tried to pull the snake off him.

Thorn continued: "I've got a fang, I've got a fang hanging out of me."

He eventually needed stitches on the wound. 

Alleva didn't exactly get away scot-free, either. He was also bitten and needed to have two blood clots squeezed out of his arm. Talk about perks of the job!

I think you'd have to pay me well over 20 quid to get involved with something like that.

Season 2 of Kings Of Pain will air on History on 26 May.

Featured Image Credit: History

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