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Lady Gaga rushes to save paparazzi after he falls on Oscars red carpet

Lady Gaga rushes to save paparazzi after he falls on Oscars red carpet

A video shows her rushing over to help him

Footage shows Lady Gaga rushing to save a paparazzi photographer after he fell on Oscars red carpet.

The video shows members of the press circling the singer as she walks along the carpet, moving with her.

However, one takes a sudden fall, prompting Lady Gaga to stop what she's doing to run over to them, bending down to check they're okay.

Many viewers praised her for helping the photographer, with one tweeting: "Lady Gaga the only person who went back to help someone who fell on the red carpet…. this woman is is so kind and humble."

Someone else said: "She’s the kindest."

A third wrote: "That’s true compassion right there, no hesitation, immediately ran over to help him."

Twitter/@Bahman Kalbasi

This year, the carpet that celebs were walking down was champagne-coloured instead of the usual crimson, having been unveiled last week to mark the time is six decades that we haven't seen red.

While there have been different hues or shades previously, it hasn't strayed from red since 1961, according to AP.

The 95th Academy Awards enlisted the help of Lisa Love, a red carpet creative consultant, to refresh the classic carpet idea.

She believes champagne will be soothing to everyone and also won't be an eyesore when compared to the orange tent that is going up above to shield stars from the elements.

According to The New York Times, she said: “The sienna-color tent and champagne-colored carpet was inspired by watching the sunset on a white-sand beach at the ‘golden hour’ with a glass of champagne in hand, evoking calm and peacefulness."

Host Jimmy Kimmel said the carpet – which stretches from the road to the entrance of The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood – was a good sign that we wouldn’t be seeing similar dramas this time.

“People have been asking, is there going to be any trouble this year?” he said on Thursday.

"Is there going to be any violence this year?

"We certainly hope not, but if there is, I think the decision to go with a champagne carpet, rather than a red carpet, shows how confident we are that no blood will be shed."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Bahman Kalbasi

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