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Lana Rhoades Is Now 'Against' Adult Industry After Being 'Taken Advantage Of' While Doing Porn

Lana Rhoades Is Now 'Against' Adult Industry After Being 'Taken Advantage Of' While Doing Porn

The former adult star, who has since gained a following on YouTube, echoed Mia Khalifia's sentiment about the industry

Lana Rhoades has revealed that she is now 'against' porn, having quit the industry several years ago.

The former adult star reflected upon her previous life during a podcast appearance this week, in what was one of her very first interviews since becoming a mother for the first time.

The 25-year-old gave birth to son Milo back in January, although, at her request, the identity of the father is still not known.

On a recent episode of bodybuilder-turned-YouTuber Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk podcast, Rhoades spoke frankly about her time in porn - and the damaging nature of the sex work industry as a whole.

“I just didn’t have a great experience [in porn] and I don’t think that it’s great for other women, or even men," Rhoades said."I myself am against pornography now from my own experiences."

“There’s different levels to it obviously, it’s mostly hardcore pornography that I have an issue with.

“Everyone can do what they want, I just don’t think that they’re making the best decision for themselves going into that.

“I don’t think that having sexual relations with people that you hardly know is good for your mental health or your heart,” she added.

After leaving the industry behind back in 2017, the American started a relationship with YouTuber and close friend of Logan Paul, Mike Majlak.

While the relationship ended in 2020, the pair remain good friends, with Rhoades making the odd appearance on Majlak's popular YouTube channel.

During her time on Raw Talk, the former performer also spoke about how she first got into porn, detailing her people-pleasing attitude that she now regrets.

“Being an 18 or 19 year-old girl you just don’t know how to say no, you want to make everyone happy and I was very much a people pleaser," she admitted.

Eventually, Rhoades quit doing adult films, and suggested it was only when she began developing a presence on Instagram that she became popular in the adult world.

With over 16 million Instagram followers to her name, Rhoades has been able to launch a second career away from porn as an influencer - which first began thanks to a serendipitous meeting.

“I had done adult films for eight months at 19, I had met another Instagram YouTube guy not affiliated with Mike [Majalk] or Logan [Paul]," she explained.

“I had never shot content with him but he was telling me I’m making $15,000 (about £12,000) to do an Instagram post for this YouTube ad, and I was like, well I’m getting paid $1200 (roughly £950) to do this scene, how is this fair?

“I sort of realised that I was being taken advantage of doing sex work for an amount that people were getting paid way more just to post a picture on Instagram."

While being highly-critical of the porn industry for its predatory practices, Rhoades did express support for platforms like OnlyFans, which have helped adult performers to support themselves through the pandemic.

Featured Image Credit: @lanarhoades/Instagram

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